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Posted by MadCatLady - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Exmansworthy-10052202 - 3 years ago

Noblesse....shopping = fun!! you must be joking....ugh!

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago

I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Noz!

They vary as well, but our Noz in Loudeac has bargains on cleaning products, 'beauty' products, wine/beer, other assorted foods, ice creams, frozen foods, etc., etc.

They don't stock the same products all the time, but that's part of the fun.

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

It's a difficult one to answer as I guess it depends on what you buy and in what quantity!

We too take advantage of the special offer leaflets that are put in our post box. We buy items like Dishwasher tablets and beauty products when they are on offer as that is a huge saving.

We are early-retirees so have plenty of time to shop around. We live near Roscoff and find Netto is the best for fruit & veg (but they're not great for most other things). We probably buy about 50% in LIDL, 20% in Super U, 20% in LeClerc and 10% in Netto. If you don't have to 'count the pennies' I would have to say LeClerc is probably the best supermarket. The Geant Casino at Morlaix is huge but it's very expensive.

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Posted by brian61 - 3 years ago

Hello Lisa, I don't know the village at 56 Credin but this google map will help you to locate the hypers nearby. It looks as though around 5km south of you in 56500 Réguiny is an Intermarché which are usually good value for most items including petrol and has the advantage of being open on Sunday mornings.

Hope that this helps

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 3 years ago

In this part of Finistere, each supermarche has it's own qualities. For example Intermarche is generally  cheap and ours is fab for fresh fish. L'eclerc is good for veg and Super U is good for cleaning products. I usually visit a different supermarche for each 'big shop' but I prefer our weekly market for meat. I don't like Lidl except for Chinese New Year when they sell huge bags of Jasmin rice and crates ofTsing Tao beer.

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Posted by MadCatLady - 3 years ago

Thanks everyone, much appreciated!  Our new house is in Credin so we will see what we have around there.  Our first long weekend next week, can't wait to explore the shops!  Thanks :-)

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

I agree with all the comments about Lidl offering good value. As others have said - in most supermarkets, prices of fresh food (meat, fish, veg) can fluctuate day by day. To make the most out of this, it pays to be flexible with your shopping choices, buying what is on special offer that day, rather than sticking to a precise list. So if you were intending to have roast chicken at the weekend,  but pork is on offer, go for it. Also, why not take advantage of these offers by buying extra and putting some in the freezer. We bought a whole salmon a couple of weeks ago at 3.49 € a kilo, cut it into portions and put it inthe freezer. A couple of days later in a different supermarket, salmon was on offer at 2.99 € a kilo, but it can then go up to 10 €, or more. So it's best to keep an open mind when shopping and observe the deals.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

Like previous posters we have found you have to keep an open mind and follow the bargains you will find in the weekly promo in your post-box.

We live between Guingamp and St Brieuc and we are very fortunate to have the choice of a branch of every supermarket (in some cases 2 different branches) except Super-U but including both Lidl and  Aldi.

A friend of mine swears by Leader Price and only goes to Carrefour to buy what she can't get there. Personlly, we have tried Leader price several times and have found the prices to be comparable if not more expensive than supermarket own brands with a much more limited choice.

We use Lidl and Aldi a lot for staples such as pasta, flour, sugar etc, but have recently found that we can buy sugar, for example,cheaper in Leclerc, so I tend to stock up when I go in there for other things. Their own brands are well worth trying - Aldi ketchup is less than 1 euro and is every bit as good as Heinz. (I used to decant it into an old Heinz bottle so my son wouldn't know it wasn't Heinz!) And the Aldi catfood (dry biscuits) is the only one our cats will eat apart from the really expensive premium brands)

A lot of it comes down to what you like to buy. We tend to prefer Carrefour, as we like the deli counter and we don't buy long-life milk so we have to go to a "normal" supermarket regularly for that at least. I have a carte pass which gives you a 3 euro credit if you shop Mondays to Thursdays and spend  60 euros. We don't spend enough in there every week to get it but it can be worth it if there are a lot of offers on. We used to buy a lot of fruit and veg in Leclerc but recently it seems to be a lot more expensive than Carrefour. Lidl have a good fruit and veg section, but even then it's not always cheaper.

I think it comes down to 2 things, how much choice there is in your area (in which case you can pick and choose and benefit from offers) and what you personally prefer to buy. If you have a choice of stores, make time to go to all of them to begin with to check out the range of goods and the quality.

You do need to have an idea of the normal price of your regular items - that way you can take advantage of offers as they come along.

One thing to be aware of, don't buy the larger pack and assume it works out cheaper than 2 smaller ones. We have frequently found it is more expensive


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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

We use the same strategy as kerguen and HarleyRider58.  Lidl is great value for money on lots of items but their range is rather limited so we always end up going somewhere else for what they don't have.  Their stock levels are usually too low on items like milk, butter, dog food, etc. and they are quite often sold out.  Lidl and all the rest are individually managed and your satisfaction will be the result of how well they are run.  Lidl or Carrefour in one town might be wonderful but the same "brand" in another town might be absolute rubbish.  Like many French things there is little consistency from one place to the next.

Happy Shopping!

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 3 years ago

Food shopping in France is a different experience than in the UK.   We normally do most of our shopping in Lidl, then go to the other stores for the items we cannot get in Lidl's.

Every fortnight we get delivered in our postbox a stack of store adverts....  we have fun trolling thru the specials, then plan our attack.  

We're fortunate in that we have a Lidl, InterMarche, and E.Leclerc all within 5 mins of each other (Rostrenen), so shopping the specials is easy.