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UK Groceries

Posted by janes-394036 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Murfy - 3 years ago

Hi can you tell me where your local Intermarche is?

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Posted by Colomban - 3 years ago

I've used www.missmysupermarket.com a few times and found them to be very good.

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 3 years ago

J R people vote with their feet, hence massive queues for Kerbian Farms products. . 

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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

Another idea would be to post a new thread on AI asking if anyone is coming over soon and would be able to pick up a click and collect order from the supermarket. I have done this a few times. There is a Tesco quite close to Portsmouth ferry terminal so not a huge inconvenience as they just drive in and pick up your groceries on route. Quite a few people use this service themselves to save time so may be doing it anyway. Worth a try. If you don't ask, you don't get. You could also post this request on the facebook ex pat groups  as there are always people kindly offering to bring stuff over for people. Send me a message if you would like links to them. 

There is another company called "Approved Food" based in the UK and they deliver to France for just £15. PM me if you can't find it and want the link as I think it will be removed if I post here.


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Posted by janes-394036 - 3 years ago

Thank to everyone who replied and kept on replying but I was just interested in deliveries from the UK. None of the supermarkets round where I live have UK groceries apart from the occasional packet of biscuits. I guess there aren't enough Brits to warrant it. Kerbian Farm don't deliver anywhere near us and although Le Comptoir Irlandais is a great shop, it's a bit expensive for basic groceries and doesn't have everything anyway, so the supermarket deliveries are what I need and thank you very much for the suggestions.

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Posted by Jasnil-793008 - 3 years ago

It really is worth looking around carefully. My local Intermarché has all such products on a special shelf (Heinz baked beans, marmite, lemon curd, jelly, Branston pickle, Jacob's crackers + + +). Cheddar in cheese section. But also Baking Powder for those who haven't worked out French for this. Digestives also on" foreign" shelf, but you can always look on French biscuits range to see exactly same McVities digestives packaged for French market at a cheaper price!

it really is worth looking carefully at everything. I'd feel very de-stabilised if I felt I had to return to UK or order expensively from there to have a good diet.

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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago

Bartyb.... Hardly a comprhensive list.  You obviously have a sweet tooth.

Kerbian farm is fine for bacon.  Grocery's are grocery's.  But their sausage skins are akin to shoe leather and the lack of shrinkage in the cooking, lays claim to good vegetarian fare.

There is of course a british shop in Gouarec.  I have never made a particular request, for an item, but no dought they would accomadate.

I have weened myself off baked beans and the like.  It makes living in France so much easier!!

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Posted by Theswerve - 3 years ago


Based at St. Nicolas du Pelem.

Good selection and excellent service.

Availability of all items and prices are viewable online.

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 3 years ago

Janes , sorry forgot to mention    Paxo Stuffing, custard creams  .ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 3 years ago

Hi, Branston pickle, Pork Pies, PG tea. Marmite, Horseraddish sauce, Jacobs cheese biscuits, Chedder Cheese, Stout, Mackeson. . Brown sauce; Withdrawel symptons, saved the day Kerbian Farm.