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Wedding in Brittany

Posted by grumposgirl - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by vivaofsnape - 3 years ago

I concur with Melou. Our son married in France. The situation is that one of the couple has to be resident in France. If it is a holiday home then it is at the discretion of the Maire.  

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Posted by grumposgirl - 3 years ago

Melou - vey interesting .

Keep the info coming folks.


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Posted by Melou - 3 years ago

We got married in the village in which we had a holiday home (we now live here permanently) - the key is the maire. The marriage will be carried out in the mairie of the village where your friend has a maison secondaire. As the daughter of a non-resident, it is up to the maire whether or not he/she will carry out the function for her. Strictly speaking, the daughter should be physically resident for a period of time before the marriage, but the maire will often bend the rules. If your friend knows the maire, even slightly, this will help. So a visit to the mairie in person to talk to the maire is the way to go. The mairie secretary will know exactly what needs to be done, and provide the necessary paperwork. There is no charge for carrying out a marriage, but a contribution to commune funds (un don) will not be resisted! The maire has to be sure that the couple, and their witnesses, understand exactly what has been said - so evidence of some ability to speak French is important.

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Posted by woody-383477 - 3 years ago

Our son got married here - the best place to start is your local Mairie who will (hopefully) have someone there who can advise you.  He was given a booklet which lists all the documents you need, etc.  They both had to have translated copies of their birth certificates and proof that they had not married before in England.  The list is quite long but there was plenty of help to make sure it was completed in time.    Bon chance!