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Bees in the roof

Posted by nessiebear - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kathyd2 - 3 years ago

I think the problem is often that when a beekeeper turns up to help, they find the swarm is almost impossible to get at - at least without damaging your house! If bees are behind partition walls or fascia boards for example, you may need to smash holes in things to reach them.. Plus the bee keeper needs to have a spare hive to put them in, and there have been a huge number of swarms this year so some will probably have run out of space now.

Also, once bees have started to build comb they're not technically a swarm any more, they've moved in and will be much harder to deal with.  A swarm is nice and docile apparently, having gorged on honey to last them about 3 days while they find their new abode.  They're placid and won't sting at this stage (so I'm told).  But that changes once they start building their nests, and you've got a whole different issue to deal with.  So if you notice a large group of bees simply hanging somewhere, the sooner you can contact a bee keeper the better.  Which isn't easy I know, I've been trying to find one for the past couple of days to help someone who's in a similar position to you nessiebear.  Some are away on holiday, and some don't have the time or the space, and some don't want to collect bees from more than 2 or 3 km away to try to limit the spread of diseases... So I'm not sure what the answer is really - if you find anyone to help will you let us know nessiebear please?


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Posted by mightymimi-923305 - 3 years ago

The guy who killed these bees aught to get shot!!  Bees are protected because they are just about the only thing left that's good for the environment.  Farmers already killed quite a lot off with some chemical that was finally banned because bees were disappearing.  No more bees, no more vegetables, fruits or flowers.  They are not going to hurt you if you leave them alone.   I hope he gets punished.

I did send a name and phone number to nessiebear.

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Posted by Alligirl - 3 years ago

We had this very recently and we contacted the. Marie. Bees are protected in France and you cannot kill them off without permission. We contacted the Mayor and although he was reluctant to give us a letter ( we had to send photo proof that it was impossible to retreive them from the roof space). A chap eventually came and sprayed something in to kill them off. 

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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

Your Mairie might be worth an enquiry re local beekeepers.

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Posted by nessiebear - 3 years ago

I've tried to contact local beekeepers but they haven't replied as yet to my emails and all phone calls give a message that the numbers are unavailable. I'll give it until tomorrow and see what turns up.

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 3 years ago

contact a local Bee keeper ... a swarm is not cheap... if there is a Queen its worth a couple of Hundred euros... if you dont ttrack one down it will cost you to to dospose of !!!  good luck