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BF Caen-Ports 13/4 Medical Emergency

Posted by Annabelle's Papa - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Fizzbomb-892531 - 4 years ago

That's not the first time BF have come to the aid of a boat in distress.  Some years ago we were on board a ferry which also stopped to give assistance to a boat with a broken mast.  The ship also sheltered the distress boat until help arrived.



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Posted by le touq - 4 years ago

On the 4.30 crossing (Sunday) MONT SAINT-MICHEL changed course halfway through the journey to assist a small vessel with a broken mast.  MSM provided a wind shield for about an hour until the small boat got its engine sorted out.  This must have cost BF an absolute fortune in running costs and delays.  So well done to BF, as ever fantastic service.  Priceless.

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

Thanks Fitter, that is good to know, I will try and find an update but if anyone does it would be good to know.

I had always wondered on the many crossing that we have done, what procedures were in place for an emergency, we could not of been more than an hour into the journey but the fact of the fog would not allow for the helicopter to land, we must of travelled to Le Harvre where we were met by the lifeboat.

BF offered hot drinks and water as a form compensation for the delay but British people were actually complaining to the BF staff for wasting their time, luckily not in my ear shot or I would of explained that it could of been them in that medical emergency and how well they dealt with it and the fog was very re-assuring.

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Posted by Fitter - 4 years ago

No mention of this incident in either newspaper, a report here:- (google translated)

Name: medicalized Evacuation of a young man of 24 years

Date: 04/13/2015

On Monday, April 13 in the morning the Marine Medical Consultation Centre informs CROSS Jobourg the need for the urgent evacuation of a young man of 24 years on board the ferry MONT SAINT-MICHEL, then Bay Seine en route to Portsmouth.

Weather conditions (zero visibility both on land and sea because of fog) preventing any intervention by helicopter CROSS decides to divert the ferry to Le Havre and engage the star of the National Lifesaving Society SNS sea 161 to go to a meeting with a medical team of SAMU 76B.

The meeting takes place at sea at the landfall of the Havre harbor buoy. The young Brit was immediately supported by the medical team then boarded the star with his mother.

Upon arrival at the port of Le Havre, he was taken to the hospital Jacques Monod, where he was admitted to the emergency department.

As for MONT SAINT-MICHEL, he resumed his journey to Portsmouth.

Source -http://www.cross-jobourg.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/evacuation-medicalisee-d-un-jeune-homme-de-24-ans-a764.html

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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 4 years ago

May be some mention in the Ouest de France or the Telegramme - it is a good human trait to have concern...