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Brittany ferries

Posted by pilot-425170 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

They only way I know to delete cookies is to eat them.... what language do you speak oh IT people ??

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

Some browsers can be set to delete cookies when you close them.  I also have mine set to reject all but the most necessary cookies.  A privacy issue. 

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Posted by tinkatonk - 4 years ago


I had heard about this cookie thing too so I looked it up and found some articles...



A test was done here and was inconclusive...could be certain days and times of day are cheaper too...


So, whether it works or not, it may be worth clearing your cookies between searches to see if you can keep the price down. Also, avoid the hotspot times of weekends and evenings for booking.

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Posted by Discovery2 - 4 years ago

The  best way is too look up the prices and crossings on one computer then book the one you want if its another day on a friends computer or you tablet if yo have one. then you get over the tracking cooky problem. you have to be as cute as the opperators pilot.

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Posted by floradora - 4 years ago

I am sure this happens on other sites like LateRooms.com.  Booking. Com. Next time I'll watch out. I always check several times.  Obviously not a good idea. 

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 4 years ago

Like LIVE&LOVE I have a similar experience;

This happened to me by chance a couple of years ago, I had found a fare on my laptop for a crossing, told my wife and she said book it, forgot, went on the next day and it was a £25 more expensive, I went into the kitchen where my wife was working on her laptop and told her what had happened and she checked the fare on hers and it was the price I was quoted the day before, my screen was still up with the increased fare. I now check on one laptop and book on the other maybe I am paranoid but once bitten........

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

When I book I look at the price on my computer and tablet at same time. strangly both prices will be different. So I book on the one that's cheapest. 

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Posted by CharlotteM-441068 - 4 years ago

I have had this happen to me after 10 minutes!  I now look up crossings about a week away from when I want to go and then use the arrows to go back or forwards to see the date I want.  It makes me furious that we have to do this!!!!  I have complained, but no reply.

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 4 years ago

It does tell you on site that the price is only available there and then. I always clear the cookies before I do a second search. Also if you are inside the time when you pay everything not just a deposit it goes up. This is because they haven't had your deposit earning them interest for a few months.


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Posted by andylekker - 4 years ago

the prices change but i personally doubt that its to do with cookies, rather its timing and availability - like the first 20% of capacity will be at one price and then it goes up.

if anyone has proof of the cookies thing then i would also like to see it. sounds like a tinfoil hat type thing to me!