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Colissimo parcels

Posted by helgawb - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 3 years ago

i think in this situation the problem is size and weight in order to pre pay.  it really need a king soul to trust helgawb to send the money afterwards, and who live close the the F1 hotel to do it for them.  if i lived in that area i would do it.  or for the f1 to trust them to send on the money.

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Posted by stevietee - 3 years ago

i went to la poste,got a box,put one kilo in it at post office sent it to uk by collismo priority,it was delivered in uk in four days,total price was 14.50 euros and could track it,will use again,but had a good selection of boxes and jiffy bags in stock at carhaix

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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 3 years ago

I think the whole idea of this is formula1 want THE BOX so they have no packing to do, except take it to la poste.  They are all different sizes.  


Try Anglo info in that area and see if anyone will go and buy a box for you and take it to the hotel.  I would do that for someone if we were in that area. You can send the money when you you have the price for the relate to size.

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Posted by Domy2706 - 3 years ago

Oh thanks helgawb....

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Posted by allie-d - 3 years ago

I have used Parcel2Go.com to have a large box shipped over prepaid from the UK. The other party just has to print or write the details as provided on the box. When you arrange for the shipping, they email you the label so you can forward the details to the other party.

They provide tracking and it arrived as they said.

They also arrived as they said to do the pick-up so they weren't hanging around waiting.


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Posted by hailoffame - 3 years ago

Domy 2706

       I wish my French was as good as your English !

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Posted by Domy2706 - 3 years ago


you can go on the French post website and get some information: https://boutique.laposte.fr/colissimo-en-ligne?&xtor=SEC-34&xiti=+colissimo +international

you can pay online so that the hotel Formul 1 has nothing to pay, but they will have to make the parcel themselves, weigh and measure it, then tell you so that you can do the necessary online. If they don't want to, maybe there's someone here who lives in Orleans and could do for you.

sorry about my poor english but I am French...

hope you can find a solution to get your camera back

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Posted by Ozzy Mandias - 3 years ago

Surely they can get a Colissimo box from La Poste and you refund them the cost? Offer to pay up front if necessary.

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Posted by Ted-787870 - 3 years ago

I don't know about a Colissimo box but you could create the equivalent yourself by printing a prepaid, pre-addressed label via the La Poste web site, attaching it to a empty box and sending that to Orléans.

They would then just need to take the box to a local post office where it would be scanned into the system.