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Etiquette when visiting neighbors for the first time

Posted by sandracliff - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 3 years ago

We regularly take and receive wine with neighbors.

I was told by a rather posh French friend that you never open the wine you receive, even a good label can go off & it would be embarrassing to the guest if the wine had gone off.

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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

I think it depends how formal the occasion is.  We often take a bottle of wine to friends or family, but if it is a formal style dinner party or we don't know the people well we tend to take flowers.


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Posted by bella-382361 - 3 years ago

We have had wine presented to us as a gift along with other bits and pieces and we have done the same. Why not? We were both very appreciative and it no way reflects we do not like their wine.

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Posted by candid - 3 years ago

only need to take yourselves.

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Posted by hazy2 - 3 years ago

Take a bunch of flowers from the garden.

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Posted by sandracliff - 3 years ago

Thanks to everybody who replied, unfortunately as its Bastille day every shop is shut so will have to go empty  handed if I can't take wine,

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Posted by lamb chop - 3 years ago

If they are the older generation, probably don't take wine or chrysanths.

However, the younger French do appreciate a bottle of wine, or beers etc. The have moved on with the times :-)


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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

Never wine! Apparently that suggests that you consider their wine to be undrinkable!

The gift they all seem to like from me is homemade fruit cake (or 'cake anglais'). In fact I've just made one to take to a Japanese friend as she loves it. They don't have anything similar in Japan. 

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

Do not take wine do not take flowers that contain chrysanthemums or similar as these are flowers used at funerals.Take good quality chocolates or a small gift.Do not overstay and remember it is an aperitif not a meal.Invite them back once you are sorted.

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Posted by Fish24 - 3 years ago

Give your hosts time to breath and the 5-7 mins late is more considerate than  'on the dot' UK style.

I appreciate, as a French hostess, a couple of refils and chat for about an hour as the French will need to eat afterwards even if you have eaten beforehand.  I have known some people who stay and drink till 22h00 without thinking that your hosts may also have to go to work the following morning.

Hope you can find a little something suitable as suggested by Bollydolly, or even an aromatic plant such as basilic or similar.