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Forecast storm to hit this coming Monday

Posted by Kernana-407546 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

Apparently the person taking the viseo was handicapped so could not help and two of the victims were elderly Parisians ,who were in Brittany after the terrorist attack in Paris '

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

For those that may be tempted to venture near the coast........please be forewarned,  this is quite a scary video on Louest France...


But it may make people aware of the dangers!

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

A follow up to this folks. Louest France is reporting that yet another storm with  wind speeds of up to 140 kph in the extreme north of Brittany and up to 100 kph winds expected in the interior is to arrive tonight and be in effect in the early hours and on through into tomorrow and  that people are advised to heed warnings and the like. If you are considering  going down to watch the conditions on the coast tomorrow,  please be aware that things  could be treacherous and this was brought hope to me this week by a video that is going viral taken of several people being swept away.Thankfully, they were rescued, but it was a frightening experience and an equally scary thing to watch.





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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

Your welcome Jamie.  Stay safe out there although its less violent, the winds can still prove to be problematical.  Croissants sourced safely I'm happy to say, and there is land still out  there ;)

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Thanks for the warning Dave. My van was rocking last night and not in the fun way of youth !!

Anyone with a log burner should carry a bow saw in their cars with them and profit from all the free wood on the paths and roads.

I just cleared up all the fallen branches in my woodland a couple of days ago,and it looks like I shall be back doing it again later this week,oh well,Lots of lighting sticks to give away for the next couple of years.

Down in baud at the moment and was just driving down the pontivy dual carriageway and the van was getting thrown from side to side by very strong gusts. If any of you are on the roads and are looking to overtake a larger vehicle,beware that they may lurch over towards you suddenly. proceed with caution.

Love and light

Jamie xx

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Posted by Kernana-407546 - 3 years ago

As 4seven said, it can and is a bit windy here in happy valley. Just about to venture out to get some mid-morning croissants and see if any land remains out there :)

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Posted by malcolm1-10066606 - 3 years ago

Don't know what planet some of you are on but the commune here has been out for 2 days cutting and clearing  the trees that fell on the roads !! and here the winds still gusting and pulling down stuff !!

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Posted by 4seven - 3 years ago

Can be a bit windy in Happy Valley.  Mr Frodo. 

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Posted by koat - 3 years ago

so seems storms and farmers will be out in force on monday

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Posted by FreeSpiritSmallHolding - 3 years ago

You're welcome - I've been using magic seaweed for years after it was linked on here, more reliable than metro.fr in my opinion, always gives enough time in advance to move our animals to safe fields that won't be effected by strong storms.  Metro.fr is predicting 110 where I am, but I know from experience its more likely to be 140 going from magicseaweed....