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French neigbours

Posted by Dueller-813343 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kevinr200 - 4 years ago

We have a small house in St Urnan near Kerpert and only visit 3/4 times a year and yet our neighbour is fantastic.He opens up the house on a regular basis and When we visit we email him and he opens up turns the water and heating on and makes sure everything is ok.

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Posted by staffordian - 4 years ago

We have wonderful French neighbours.My husband helps them quite a lot with grass cutting and other small jobs.Every Time he does it we find eggs or veggies.The keep us supplied with potatoes all through the winter.He always says any tools we need to help ourselves.

When we thought of moving and they found out they were so upset.

We certainly are blessed with them .We never had such lovely neighbours in the UK.

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 4 years ago

In our hamlet of 6 homes any small job done for a neighbour who can't manage it is rewarded with so much kindness, from simple vegetables from the garden to a full blown repas.  So lucky to have neighbours we can really call freinds.

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Posted by Ohhhhthatswhereiputit - 4 years ago

We have an aged lady neighbour, whenever we mow our lawn we do hers for her as well. We have found lettuces and bunches of flowers left on our wall from her, and now she has offered to water all our garden pot plants while we are away on holiday.

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Posted by Anonymous - 4 years ago

A wonderful story.  It helps to balance out some of the postings we see about awkward neighbours.   As a newcomer here I've had two similar experiences.  In thirty years of living in UK it never happened once.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

That's a heartwarming post!  :)