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Health care

Posted by lqe29a - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by philsawyer - 4 years ago

reply french health system. we have been here for 12 years now. when we came here we had no problems healthwise. when we both turned 70 we went down hill at a tremendous rate. we r still both ok but getting older now. i must thank the french health system for there excellent way of doing things. i have had a few probs been to hospital a few times and found it an excellent system. my wife says the same. she has had a fingertip transplant recently and it is fine now . shortly she has to go into lorient hospital to have 4 cartillages transplanted in her spine.?? if not done she could be in a wheelchair in 2 years. this is the best system i have ever come across in my life. we will never return to uk although we have 2 children &6 grandchildren & 7 greatgrandchildren. perhaps for a short break.??   i would also like to tell the people of France we take no funds out of there system  because as we r xpats the english system pays France for our medical health care in full.

good luck to all xpats in France.

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Posted by Pushkin-986745 - 4 years ago

Pontivy is excellent , they rebuilt and saved my left arm after a bad crash , it works and I still have it thanks to them .


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Posted by JLJ-429896 - 4 years ago

I would second that, regarding Pontivy. You can park (for free) within yards of the main entrance. Everything is shiney and new. The staff are helpful and happy and there seem to be no waiting lists for the routine procedure I had. The polyclinic, I think that's the right name, is also attached to the hospital so very easy to find.