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How to use French address to order at asda for delivery here

Posted by brian2bin - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by suziepops - 4 years ago

Loadsafun - not directly but carriers will.  eg A2B

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Posted by brian2bin - 4 years ago

I have used Tesco click and collect many many times for groceries with my uk card registered to my French address also done it at Iceland but asda do not take paypal on their grocery site if they did the problem would be solved

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Posted by Loadsafun - 4 years ago

they dont deliver groceries to france

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 4 years ago

Are you trying to use a French card or a British card registered to a French address?

When our son started uni in the UK we did a huge click and collect shop at both Asda and Tesco to buy all his bedding and kitchen equipment etc. We used our Nationwide Flex account card which is registered to us here in France and had no problems with the shop systems not accepting it.

On the other hand, our son uses his Credit Agricole card in the UK and,while he has no problem with it in the shops and getting cash from the cash machine, he has had lots of trouble using it online. I had to go into the bank for him and arrange for them to allow online purchases in the UK which it previously hadn't been set up for.

If you're trying to use a French bank card to pay, perhaps there is a block on it for online purchases.May be worth checking with your bank.

The only real problem I have had with online purchases in the UK is if I want them delivered to a different address to the one at which the card is registered  (eg if someone is going to bring something over for us) .The shops say it is for security but I have sometimes been able to get round it by phoning their sales department and explaining the problem

Hope you get it sorted because the click and collect service saves such a lot of time if you are pushed to get everything done while you are over there.


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Posted by brian2bin - 4 years ago

I am looking for a GROCERY order and they do not take paypal on the site.

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Posted by fruitrouge2 - 4 years ago

I use click and collect for my children in the UK if I want to buy clothes etc for my grandchildren and I  use paypal to get round them not accepting my card on the click and collect system.