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Ikea complaints dept

Posted by Bod - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Bod - 3 years ago

Yes I've thought often facebook is a good way of contacting some of these large companies that make it hard to contact them other ways, but I don't have facebook now and never had twitter and don't want to get into either, but thats another story. Ikea are very good at making sure that posts are sent via message and not directed to their wall, so public visiability is not something to consider on this occasion.

I have sent a message, so will see if anything comes back...

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Posted by rance-781573 - 3 years ago

Facebook or twitter, you wil get an almost immediate response. For those who say they don't like either, these are the places to get anything done and pdq. It is  far, far quicker than emails and the companies do not like to see complaints being thrown at them in full public view.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

Stefan.Vanoverbeke@ikea.com - is the CEO of IKEA FRance according to ceoemail.com. Email maybe cheaper and more effective than phoning. the benefit is they phone you!

Bon chance!

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Posted by Bod - 3 years ago

Thank you.

But wow 0.80 cents a minute due to complain about problems they've caused, an expensive call.

Trouble is, it's SAV is who I want to complain about and thats where complaints seem to get directed to, I need to go above that as I'm not getting anywhere with them.

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Posted by bretonne - 3 years ago

A quick GOOGLE search produced this .....