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Improving my French ..well making a start

Posted by batman22 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Le Motard - 3 years ago

If you are near Rostrenen you are also near to Gouarec. AIKB are an organisation set up to assist people with integration into Brittany. They provide language courses and other activities aimed to help people achieve exactly what you have stated. They also have centres in other towns but as you are so close to Gouarec I would suggest starting there . .  good luck with your ambitions . .


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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

The BBC is excellent and free!!


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Posted by Theswerve - 3 years ago

No classroom , no reading, no writing .

Google "Michel Thomas french" and watch youtube " Michel Thomas , The Language Master Pt 1 of 3".

His recordings are widely available.

Michel Thomas, The Language Master Pt 1 of 3

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Posted by etnerahc - 3 years ago

You also need to listen to as much spoken French as possible, TV and radio for a start. So much French is similar to the English word it's not hard to build up a decent vocabulary. Unless your pronunciation is good, however, people will still find you hard to understand, even when you know the basics of syntax and grammar.

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Posted by SallyDixon - 3 years ago

I fully agree that people can be put off the classroom approach for life by boring teaching. I too have suffered lessons of an hour spent looking at a sheet of exercises. However it doesn't have to be that way. Language learning can and shuld be interactive and fun. I cannot believe the number of people who still attempt to teach without the use of audio and video for example.

As has been said, a good one to one teacher can open your eyes to a whole new, exciting [and extremely useful] world.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

Just my personal experiance.

I spent the firs couple of years trying to find an easy way to learn the lingo. Got absolutly no where after picking up a few basic things from our French mates.

After a few months of once a week one to one with a French teacher ( which was very hard work for an old codger like me ) it started to pay off big style.

A French teacher teaches the basic RULES of grammar.  Just simple things like learning to conjegate (spelling?) verbs suddenly gives you the ability to work out for your self what a word should be even if you have not been taught it.  Even simple things like knowing how the formal and informal works suddenly puts light on why you can't be understood by you neighbour when using the same words you heard from your bank manager.

Perhaps someone else could explain why in conversation you need to know things like the difference between  on y va and nous allons etc in conversation.

I like you also could not do the class room thing so I fully understand your problem. Unless you are immersed like full time work (almost impossible without the lingo) you need to be taught the structure.

I hope my personal experience  helps you. Good luck (Bonne chance)


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Posted by tmbfca - 3 years ago

Don't you have a universal translator on your utility belt?

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Posted by countrydweller - 3 years ago

If you want to have proper meaningful conversations with a French person then you will need to do some work on Grammar and Verbs.The French language is very structured so once you know the rules and the patterns you can go on to expand your conversatonal skills so for example if you know the structure of the verb parler you will then know the structure of virtually all verbs ending in er.If you are serious about improving your French then I would suggest you get work books for French verbs and grammar(you can buy them cheaply on Amazon) and work through them systematically and regularly.Listen to French conversation in bars restaurants etc to see how the verbs are used and applied.Assuming you are not a child or a teenager then the language is not going to be mysteriously absorbed it will require putting the building blocks in place

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Posted by wagers - 3 years ago

That would be the Batmobile of course, I have a box of tapes and a book which you can have if your stuck. I am nr. your area

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Posted by batman22 - 3 years ago

i am in possession of a motor car that can cover large distances in comfort and speed making me happy to travel .


if it would help i am near rostrenen , callac ,