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Jet planes last night and this afternoon

Posted by Blair Allison - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Tiggers2 - 3 years ago

They are Frightening my hens and my catapult can't reach them

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Posted by NellP-986196 - 3 years ago

And they have to practice night flying, which they can't do until it goes dark, which at this time of year is quite late.

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

As soon as summer arrives the Jets arrive to practice low level flying all over Britanny from the base on the north coast near Brest. It has been the same for the last 10 years here in Huelgoat they seem to always dip low over the lake for some reason. When they fly over our house we can almost see the pilots faces.


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Posted by David Paterson - 3 years ago

Super Etendards and Rafales from BAN Landivisiau, I would say.

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Posted by Annabelle's Papa - 3 years ago

I have been told they are using the last stocks of fuel before the austerity really bites !

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Posted by Freda Checks - 3 years ago

You should get used to it. It is the sound of freedom!

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Posted by brando6 - 3 years ago

Very loud over Huelgoat round about midnight last night


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Posted by cherylann morris - 3 years ago

Lots last night over the Monts D'Arree.They use the lake at Berrien to practice.

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Posted by mechanician - 3 years ago

If you are in Brittany, it might well be the French Navy, 2 Super Entard fighters were over our commune just before lunch  today using our church spire a turn point in their path back to Landivisiau  naval airbase in dept 29.

They quite often fly over us.

See base description:   link https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base_d'aéronautique_navale_de_Landivisiau.

As for complaining, We  have a retired French navy commodore in the area who complains on a fairly regular basis (keeps  him in touch with navy)

At least  the French  navy have a carrier and fixed wing planes still.