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Ladies only groups/clubs?

Posted by dizzy3 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Spangle-410047 - 1 year ago

Hi Dizzy3

The Mauron baby reading group will be restarting very soon.  It's for people (usually mothers and childminders) to bring their babies along to hear people reading and speaking in English. The earlier babies start hearing another language, the less foreign it is.  The readers are usually women - I'm guessing most if not all are retired - with English as their first language.

That group is held once a month and there's a rota, so it's not even like you need to commit to being there every time but you will meet other volunteers there. It's in the Mediatheque/library in Mauron. I'll post the contact details of the person who's organising that if it's of interest.

Also, I know there's a book club which meets in 22230 Merdrignac a couple of time a month. As far as I know it's all English speaking women there too. Some in book club also volunteer for the Mauron baby reading group too. They'd know of more stuff going on in the area too, no doubt.

Anyway, let me know if you need more details on the baby reading group and/or book club.

Regards Spangle