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Loud noise in the night

Posted by johnmorgan-420501 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Scarlett-397347 - 4 years ago

Our dog went out around 10pm, but then she lay down outside the front door & refused to come in, I had to coax her, she then went & curled up near the table, then slept on the landing, all out of character. I heard the wind & rain, very load but not any loud noises. We are in 22

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Posted by sleighbells - 4 years ago

Something similar happened to us a while ago. The dog barked and there was a roaring noise etc Next day the neighbours said that there had been a minitornado which had ripped the roof off an old building and spread it far and wide and also uprooted the tree beside it.....

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Posted by Jussy-414312 - 4 years ago

Huge electric storm in 56 last night, lit up the sky like I have never seen before, crazy rain and winds too.

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Posted by nelly15 - 4 years ago

Yes it was like a machine that came and went. It was the roof vibrating that got me worried. We had something similar in the storm of 1999, but that lasted for longer. Took the roof off our hanger.

Have check the roof and there is the odd slate out of place, unfortunately ! 


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Posted by candid - 4 years ago

had a thunder storm here in 56 which lasted a long time with heavy rain and strong winds about 1a.m.

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Posted by Live&Love - 4 years ago

My dogs got restless at 5.30. Just assumed the wind had got up. But the sound was like machine working. Can't find anything in papers about a mini tornado. 

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Posted by johnmorgan-420501 - 4 years ago

We are near Guingamp. Looking on Google a mini tornado in Bristol this year was strong enough to knock down car ports, so fairly powerful and leaving a narrow trail of destruction. Unlike thunder it was a continuos sound growing very loud  then fading. Rather scary. Maybe something in the local papers? 

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Posted by Gleaner - 4 years ago

Yes, I  heard it also, it happened three or four times during the very early hours and made my dogs very agitated aswell. One broke into a sneezing fit ! I assume it was thunder. Located near Seglien, dept 56

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Posted by nelly15 - 4 years ago

Same here about 6.30 am went to the loo just as I got back upstsirs, we're sleeping in the granery at the moment, here this noise and could feel the roof vibrating. At first I thought it was thunder but it wasn't.  Was worrying and very strange. I new it was windy but never heard that before. I too thought a mini tornado as it cam and went very quickly. 

I live in 22 near Dinan.