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Mobile phones in France

Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - 3 years ago

hi Jo, thanks for that I have had a look at the site and yes it looks a good deal and vastly improved over what was available four years Go.  I will certainly reload at Free for mobile Nd internet when we are settled.


Thanks for your time


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Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - 3 years ago

That's sounds good, free mobile.  I will have a look Thanks.

Now how about Internet packages, any recommendations.  It was improving when we left in 2012 but still a bit sketchy in rural areas. Much the same as here despite claims by the Government.


thanks for your reply.



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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

With Free you get 2 hours use a month including to UK landlines for 2€ a month. If you have internet and landline with them they refund the 2€ . Lyca are also good but you pay for every call.


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Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - 3 years ago


thanks for your reply.  I have had a look at their French web site but it still seems to suggest that the credit is good for 30 days  I am misinterpreting the graphics.  I will keep a note of the site and when I am living again in France will look again.  Although where we live in the UK reception is appealing, competition between providers have made mobile usage very cheap in comparison.  As with yourself however, we are not glued to these phones and only need them for emergencies.

another question whilst I have your ear, Internet.  We were with Neufcegetel but I understand they have now gone.  We tried a number of providers and all were much the same, SFR, Orange and Tiscali.   Service was a bit hit and miss as was coverage.  I have heard that coverage has improved but like England, yes it has improved in Cities but not in rural areas.  As with mobiles th talk about developments and the benefits of being on 4g but we struggle to get a signal yet alone any of the g's. 

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Posted by floss-642723 - 3 years ago

Free mobile is 2 euros a month ,free calls and texts in France plus other places listed Ideal for using as emergency phone

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 3 years ago

I rarely use a mobile phone but want one just for emergencies which is why I have Lycamobile - you can get a free SIM (just look up their website) and they don't take away the funds if you don't use it within a short space of time like most others seem to do. We think it's brilliant.