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'New' Owners Direct Site - just a way to make themselves more money at our expense!

Posted by No longer Online - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by No longer Online - 2 years ago

I originally put up this thread.  I am glad that they have got rid of the tier system but I don't think that they can charge customers the additional fee if you reply direct to the email and not through the dashboard.  That way you can specify your own cost or divert them to pay through your own website if you have one.  This is what we do.  I would love to ditch OD but unfortunately this is where the bulk of our enquiries come from despite the fact that for gites taking only 2 people, we are at the top of the google search.  I think that maybe people lack confidence in booking outside of a large company but if you still have the link to one that will solve the problem.

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Posted by Villacoise - 2 years ago

I've been badly bitten by Owners Direct too.  They took £298 including VAT for a year of advertising in January.  Mid way through they switched to the new system, where they are charging our customers 10% (as against holiday lettings 3%).  I asked for a refund of 6 months of payment.  They said they would not consider it because there was no material impact to my business,

So, whereas I might be charging £500 per week, any potential travellers will be seeing £550.  And that won't impact my business?  No doubt, to remain competitive, I would have to absorb that charge myself.  I am attempting to put my payment in dispute with my credit card company.  I haven't taken down the advert yet but I certainly won't be using them again.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they've put a total barrier between me and my customers.  I don't get to see their contact details and they don't get mine.  Only if they make an enquiry do I get a chance to tell them that the charge is wrong and give them my contact details.

Worse still, they are demanding their new increased rate from a customer who has already paid me the agreed figure.

I think they know they are finished though, because they had to put up some kind of webinar last week, to explain themselves.  I didn't get to see it because I was working - and that's my biggest bugbear of all - it's become a full time job managing a vastly overcomplicated Owners account with Owners Direct. 

I'm not sure what to do next, but I've only managed 4 weeks bookings this year - the lowest ever, and 1 of those weeks is a previous guest.  Any other company will be better than them, but what I am looking for is one that is what Owners Direct used to be - an introduction agency with minimum interference

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Posted by firestarter-435430 - 4 years ago

Still awaiting new site - was supposed to be launched in May but no email yet to notify of changes.  They will still not say what their new charges are..... watch this space1

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Posted by A&D - 4 years ago

It will be interesting to see if potential holidaymakers will be told that the properties at the top of their search results have paid to be there.  I somehow doubt it.  The changes to this service do not appear reasonable or fair on the basis of our understanding at the time of renewing our advert with Owners Direct.  Their comment to this is that 'our terms and conditions say we can change the terms and conditions whenever.....'

Not good business.

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Posted by Fran Brace - 4 years ago

Thank you.  I'll have a look. 


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Posted by buster-784461 - 4 years ago

This french site is v; good - friendly and cheap!  emails always answered quick! - but you do need a bit of french!


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Posted by Fran Brace - 4 years ago

Hi,  I have been advertising with Owners Direct for 6 years - this year the booking enquiries are scarce.  Would you mind telling me where you advertise now because I am having great difficulty deciding.  One thing I know for certain is that I have to stop advertising with Owners Direct. 

Many thanks.



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Posted by angeline-879676 - 4 years ago

OK so it looks as though they've already put the prices up even though they are 'still' reviewing their pricing structure.

My advertising runs through until September but will have to give serious consideration as to whether I renew or not - I grind my teeth every time I shell out their fee but if they are having a further 4 levels above the basic then surely this means that they should reduce the basic fee.  If this happens then surely people would be entitled to refunds?  Unless they are doing it on the basis that they want people to upgrade to one of the higher packages.

It's virtually blackmail - if you go for the 'classic' you will be at the bottom of every listing and they know that.  Am very interested to see what their new pricing is although they seem to be very cagey about giving this information out and I don't believe for one minute that at this stage they don't know what the new charges will be!

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Posted by Beekeeper-446653 - 4 years ago

So I was just going to have a rant about owners direct, whom i am definately leaving this year, after 8 years with them. but i see you have all been discussing this in detail. thanks for all your comments. Very, very helpful!!

They now want £260 (including VAT) very interesting and  about what you all have said.  


Certainly changing now, think i was "had" last year we only have 5 weeks booked so far this year, out of a normal, 16 to 18!!

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Posted by sunrise-418318 - 4 years ago

Have a look at Publicfishingfrance.com they offer 3 months free and then only 24 euros a year, they also attract anglers throughout the year and not just peak times.