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New to France, first post

Posted by Sarah1974 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by treivilo-424011 - 4 years ago

Hi Sarah,

Bienvenue en France !

Not everyone here is an expat, there are - like me - locals :)

I am in St Malo with wife !





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Posted by retr-388344 - 4 years ago

Hi Sarah

How wonderful that you have done this move and I do admire you.

Where about in Brittany have you moved to and do you have any family with you?

Good luck!!

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Posted by Mrs Bouquet or Mrs Bucket - 4 years ago

Hello Sarah,

You already had so many positive replies! Majority of us are welcoming and friendly bunch.

If you fancy  going to Zumba class in Combourg drop me a line. We always laugh a lot during class

and catch up with coffee or lunch.

Bon courage!

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Posted by Passiflora - 4 years ago

Hello Sarah

Welcome! If you are on Facebook I can recommend a great horsey group: Horses North West France https://www.facebook.com/groups/1531541440402106/. Here you can get all the support you might need with your horses and there may be a member near you!

All the best with your new life.


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Posted by Scarlett-397347 - 4 years ago

Hi Sarah,

We love in Dinan & you are more than welcome to call in for a coffee anytime, or if you need advice or help, just ask.

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Posted by Sarah1974 - 4 years ago

Thanks again for all the support and welcomes.

I must say that I had my doubts about meeting expats after having a crazy time in the company of several in Normandy a couple of years ago, infact it almost stopped me moving to France. 

Brittany seems completely different, thankfully!

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Posted by berger-423858 - 4 years ago

Welcome to Brittany.  You're a brave person coming to a new country. My advice would be to make friends amongst the local people, whether they are French or expats. We've been here 14 years and love it.

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Posted by c2oafc-383379 - 4 years ago

 Welcome been here approx 8 years love it... Good on you for doing what you have done respect and good luck to you 


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Posted by luckyboy-975515 - 4 years ago

Hi, Ive been here 26 years no regrets, the breton people wonderful, and very helpful,I admire your bravery, good luck!!!

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Posted by sagrolle - 4 years ago

Hi Sarah, welcome to the DINAN area. I am living 6km outside this wonderful historic town.It's a real gateway to the rest of Brittany.If you ever need any advise on living in this wonderful area send an message.Been here with my partner for the last 18 months and we don't regret the move in any way.