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Oops, free sat tv gone on camping car

Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 4 years ago

A quick visit to Barty B and with his helpful advice, and then coming home and lots of fiddling, we are there.  Once again, Barty B to the rescue - many thanks.

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Posted by Pat-Paul - 4 years ago

You can download an App to point you in the right direction. A smart phone would be required.

Otherwise, Carrefour or any DIY shop sells compases or digital metres to help you find the right location.

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Posted by JohnnyVegas - 4 years ago

I can't swear on it but I'm sure an update for the Alden is required for the alignment. As the almighty BartyB says, you are on the wrong satellite.

look it up on google and you should find something. 

Posted by bartyb - 4 years ago

You've got yourself aligned to the wrong satellite, you almost certainly need to move the dish further eastwards (anticlockwise) and lower the elevation a little.

If you have an Aldon box then I'm guessing that it has a built in alignment system / meter.

Look on the bright side, everything is working so it's only a bit of tinkering that's needed.

Good luck and happy travels

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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 4 years ago

Having fiddled around a bit have now got ourselves over 100 channels - bad news is that they are in a language quite unintelligible to us - and so no BBC's ITV's etc.  Wonder what we have done wrong?  We did take the box and tv out of the campervan for the winter as we always do so are trying to reset up.  The dish stays on the roof of the camper van as always.  It is some type of box called Aldon or something like that and we do not pay any fees.  Help please or a large bundle of teach yourself foreign language kits in 7 days!

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago

From experiance with our motorhome setup it is almost always a problem with our cables/connections. (We have a free standing dish) You do not give much information about setup. If the dish is pointing in the same direction you have used for years nothing has changed you should get almost 100% signal in brittany.