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Rostrenen today

Posted by grannydot-403561 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 3 years ago

Sorry salsachica but we had been out luckily not trying to shop, and I posted as soon as we got back. We could walk to the shops if need be. We manages to go round it, by going into Rostrenen from le clers, half onto the kerb, as they had left a little gap for traffic to get out, so everyone was going in that way. This was about 8.15 and it was chaos then.

all is clear today and just to add diesel at le clers today 108.? Just been to fill up.

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

Interesting that the gendarmes are being selective about what actions they will permit whilst other people are moved on. One wonders if this is decided by the gendarmes or they are acting under higher authority. Whilst most of us support the farmers' case for fair prices, they risk losing that support if their protests and demonstrations cause criminal damage or severely affect other people's lives. The big supermarkets make huge profits on fresh produce as well as other items and they needto trade more ethically with producers. If Hollande supports farmers, he needs to act to Iintroduce a system for fair pricing that will be sustainable for everyone over the longer term.

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Posted by salsachica - 3 years ago

Wish this thread had started earlier in the day as I dashed out just gone 11 to Bricomarché as we had run out of paint for a project that needs to be finished urgently due to imminent guests arriving! Got stuck in a "bouchon" for ages and finally got to the roundabout to find it completely blocked and so was every exit all bar one which funnily enough leads up to the gendarmerie! I had also planned to get some provisions in from Intermarché as I had been putting it off for days due to wanting to avoid just these sorts of situations. So I had to drive round the block, park up, run to Bricomarché as it literally was minutes before midday grabbed the paint and then lug it back (all 10 litres of it!) about half a mile back to the car. Took a lot longer to walk back to the car! 

Then I thought I'd head to Lidl and all looked clear there so I thought phew, that's lucky considering Lidl sells a lot of things from other countries. Then as all still seemed ok round there I nipped in to Leclerc for a few bits. So wished I hadn't as in the short time that I was in there, another road block was set up. The only road that was clear was going in the opposite direction to where I wanted to go (where the pompiers are) They had blocked the road leading up to Lidl so everyone decided to drive down the steep grassed area of the Leclerc carpark and used it as a thoroughfare. You can imagine the chaos! I was unable to navigate the kerb and didn't want to risk damaging the car so had no choice but to join the mayhem heading towards Rostrenen! All the while my frozen food was defrosting! My mango sorbet was mango juice by time I got home! 

Anyhow what I did notice when I got to the roundabout where intermarché is, was that the gendarmes were making the farmers move their tractors so at least some traffic could move albeit slowly as they were still causing an obstruction on the roundabout. They had also left a tractor blocking the entrance to the retail park but the exit was now free as were the other exits off the roundabout. Couldn't even get out earlier on and they wouldn't even let the commune workers out! To top it off there were cars indiscriminately parked everywhere including on the trunk road facing in the wrong direction! The protesters looked like they were in it for the long haul though as they had a huge stash of refreshments! 

So glad I got my shopping done though and hope I don't have to go out again! 

Hope everyone else managed to get through ok.



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Posted by Ailsa22 - 3 years ago

Just past the roundabout at Intermarche about half an hour ago, slow moving but still able to get back home. Does anyone know if Super U is affected at St  Nicolas du Pelem. Not got anything in for tea! Bad planning. Thanks


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Posted by Brian Stone - 3 years ago

Strikes and protests are one thing,. damage to property is another, and is criminal by definition. 

Likewise the situation with the illegal immigrants at Calais, the French authorities seemingly leaving it to the UK to fund and implement a solution. 

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Posted by fredbloggs2 - 3 years ago

The bigger joke is the trucks ransacked near Ploermel were carrying a French fishermans catch that was landed in Scotland and being road freighted to Lorient ..


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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

...............and in 2015 when millions of people are starving and in poverty-destroying food is unbelievably arrogant and thoughtless.

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Posted by davel-383163 - 3 years ago

The irony is one of the highjacked lorry drivers in and around Ploermel last week, blocked the entrance of one of the farmers who had highjacked him and said "I lost a days work, now it's your turn".

The gendarmes moved him on within an hour.

There is protest and there is pure criminality and Hollande is not only enabling that criminality but condoning it, I can see heaven forbid somebody either ending up seriously hurt or even dying before the criminality ends.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

As long as you drive aa tractor you'll be fine. :)

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

How about we have a Brit protest?- Lets go and burn some tyres in front of the Impots to protest about why they won't pay back social charges on UK rented property-reckon the gendarmes will ignore us?