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security on Brittany ferries

Posted by cardeno lis - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by chef du gare - 3 years ago

IMHO  the less we know, the less we are worried. YOU  do not know WHO is looking at you or looking after you.  If the security was made open to reassure someone, youcan be assured that those who wish us harm would capitalise on it.  

I accept that we are under threat but that is not a deterrent to my objectives in life, and it should not be to those who believe in our western way of life and their ambitions


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Posted by Kerhallon - 3 years ago

have been over to plymouth from roscoff with a horse lorry, never stopped for a look inside, also when we came back loaded with horses the same again no one bothered to stop us and ask what we had on board, ......

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 3 years ago

No one can go into details because no one knows what the security is, all we can hope for is that the company have adequate security measures in place, 

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Posted by ard999 - 3 years ago

we travelled to the uk last wednesday via caen and had no delays, at portsmouth they asked to look in theback os our estate. returned yesterday again no problems.

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Posted by agente securite - 3 years ago

OVERT COVERT SECURITY, surveillance intelligence presence [lus no presence, douanes gendarme crs are all separate howevever ships donr sail without clearance and prrotocols are in place anglo french re commandos air and so on, as far as what has gone on lately a 50000 tonne ferry isnt a target ,

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Posted by richarddg - 3 years ago

When I was setting up house I phoned the customs people at their head office in South Wales and asked if it was OK to take over kitchen knives and chainsaws.  The answer was that it was alright as long as I didn't use them to attack any customs officers en route.

Once, the year of the Olympic Games, my wife came back to the UK  with lots of jars of jam and pickles that we had made.  The vehicle was Xrayed in Roscoff and the customs became very interested in these jars.  I guess they must have looked like one of those early explosive packs that contained nitro-glycerine.  The security dog was told to sniff them and he turned up his nose in disdain. No problem.

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Posted by notagain! - 3 years ago


I had exactly the same thing was bringing my stuff and my friend a carpenter over to do some work on the house. The lady said "have you got anything sharp?" I said a felling axe, a hand axe, two chainsaws, a sycthe, 14 chisels, three saws and two stanley knives. She said "ok, off you go".


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Posted by No longer Online - 3 years ago

Having worked in Port Security for many years I can assure people there is far more that goes on behind the scenes than the odd car search. Nothing is fail safe but things are a lot safer than people give credit the customs & security firms for. Just because you think you have got the odd item through that you should not have done, ask yourself was it actually a threat to many persons. The small criminal is not what the ports are really looking for, however don't think that will exonerate you by any means.

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Posted by brionybob - 3 years ago

Remember names of all passengers must be recorded well in advance of travelling.

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Posted by Yellowperill - 3 years ago

Spossie Glad to hear it,  me I travel constantly by air sea and land middle east far east Europe all over and no matter what I will not bow down to them at all, they already have the upper hand because goverments reacted reactivley instead of proactivley, causeing disruption the majority or people instead of taking these bxxxxxxds out  all in the name of political correctness.  oakley dont know when the last time you went through De Gaulle airport but its nothing like you describe now I travel through there every month and have done so for over 10 yrs to me it is one of the tightest if not the tightest airport the world over