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star gazing

Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

When sailing over  the Atlantic, and seeing the stars / planets /satellites!  without any back light! pollution ,

lights from horizon to horizon, it's difficult to be interested again here, though I love the sk.y.

When sailing I could usefully use a sextant, but with the polluted atmosphere here, I am privileged to have had my experience /memories of a very, clear /clean sky.


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Posted by kate.fitch@orange.fr - 3 years ago

I just google "Where is ISS now" and up it comes. I know our co-ordinates and you can see how far away or close it is, we at corlay are 48 north and 03 west.. I dare say there are other websites that give more precise information but this one works for me.

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Posted by sprinkles - 3 years ago

Yes I will be watching the ISS movements especially tonight and tomorrow, woke up at 2am this morning (subconciously I think as wanted to see them) stared into the sky  (from the comfort of my balcony with a Baileys in hand), for a long while but saw nothing so went back to bed an hour later lol.

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Posted by blotto - 3 years ago


Scroll down this page for the table showing times and directions of the ISS movement.  Tonight (10th) and tomorrow night (11th) the ISS will be"incredibly bright", travelling from west to south-east/east.  The shooting stars are probably the Perseids meteor shower, which will hit their height on 12th August, with over 100 per hour.

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Posted by icantthinkofawittyusername - 3 years ago

Missed it, I'm afraid! 

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Posted by RobJ-443327 - 3 years ago

im pretty sure i did. If it looked like a very very bright satellite ,then i did. Also a few great shooting stars..

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Posted by kimbocafe - 3 years ago

I was out watching the planes passing over and noted just how many there are in summer, maybe one was the space station.  How do you track it?