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The farmer's dispute

Posted by vivaofsnape - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by andylekker - 3 years ago

on a practical level, is there any websites that give any warning of farmers blockading roads etc?

im travellng back and forth from st malo or Caen to the josselin area quite a lot atm, and it would be good to avoid long delays and missed ferries etc if at all possible




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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

My butcher in Caden (S Morbihan) has beautiful beef and beef steaks, sourced by himself.

It's where we buy all our meat  and charcuterie. Paying the price for quality.

But the farmers are no doubt being 'screwed DOWN' by the "SUPERS" buyers for much the same, "or very similar" produce by the way.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

We do pay a fair price for our pork meat, ham, sausages, from a charcutier in Pontivy, all sourced from their own Breton farms, we had enough of the tasteless tough tat from the supersheds.


Now all we need is a decent beef butcher................

Not found one yet -where does all the tender beefsteak go to in france?


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Posted by Tryval - 3 years ago

Basicly, lots of sympathy initialy with the farmers, but, sympathy fading v fast,,,

Aim your rancour at the government, who are responsible to effect 'necessary changes', (who, btw decided it was a great idea to stop selling produce to Russia),don't inconvenience Joe Public, who would, in the main, be perfectly willing to pay a fair price for home produced pork, poultry, milk, cheese etc

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Posted by staffordian - 3 years ago

I'm very sorry you are embarrassed .Everybody has a right to an opinion.Im sure most of us pay all our dues to France and therefore earn the right to speak out.

Most of our French friends think they are going too far and my next door neighbour is a retired farmer who is pretty shocked at the damage.

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Posted by Old nag - 3 years ago

Well said Malcolm,

You never understand a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.  We're all foreigners here, dealing judgement based on narrow vision and limited understanding.  It's embarrassing, frankly.   

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Posted by vichy-445734 - 3 years ago

Did someone mention asbestos! Where then are the environmental health?

It surely can't be just forums like anglo discussing this environmental hazard towards everyone in the vicinity of the poison. 



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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

freckleface, I think a lot of the farmers are very worried about how they're going to pay off the loans for their tractors and other tools of their trade.  I expect the artisans on AI would agree that buying cheap tools is a false saving - you end up having to replace them twice as fast and they're not always as good as the more expensive ones.

Gazza, I know you are allowed to express your opinion and so am I, funnily enough.  It doesn't mean that either of us think we are 'god-like', does it?  As for Facebook and Twitter, I don't have accounts for either of those so never use them.


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Posted by stonedecroze - 3 years ago

Carrefour in Lorient has effectively beel largely sealed off as the car park is barricaded by tractors. It is also adversely affecting Brico Depot.


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Posted by staffordian - 3 years ago

All the trolleys have been taken inside at Lidl and Carrfour in Guingamp this morning,looks as if trouble is expected.

The N12 and the big island entering Guingamp are a disgrace. I just cant understand how the authorities can just stand by and let it happen.