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volunatry work in Brittany

Posted by kingarthur2 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

It always amuses me when people recommend going to the Maire. We're now in our 5th year here and have not yet met him (we know who he is when he drives past us). When we first arrived the Estate agent who sold us the house offered to take me to the Mairie to meet the people who work there. The woman on the front desk kept her arms folded and had a face that said "do I look like I care?"!! After that I sent 2 emails asking questions, both were read but I did not receive any replies to either. We haven't bothered going or communicating with them since! (Some time later when discussing the lady at the Mairie with our French neighbour she said "it's not the English she dislikes - she dislikes everyone"!!).

It is a shame because this is not a true reflection on the local community who are lovely and have made us most welcome.

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Posted by english eccentric - 4 years ago

Depends how good your French is but it's a wonderful opportunity to improve: most villages or communes have "associations"  - your Mairie will have a list - and it could be for helping at the repas after a Pardon or a charity walk, organising an annual event like the Téléthon, the Saturday opening of our local library is staffed by shifts of bénévoles. In my experience, there are never enough and they are really glad of help.


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Posted by kingarthur2 - 4 years ago

Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post.  There are some great ideas giving me lots of food for thought.

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Posted by one4all-436374 - 4 years ago

There are several "English Conversation" groups often run by ex-teachers or people interested in the English/British culture, several associated with an exchange/twinning group. The majority are only too happy to enlist the help of native English language speakers. Ideal for making new friends and to improve your french at the same time. Enquire at your local Marie or library.

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 4 years ago

You could get involved with Les Sauveteurs en Mer. you pay a yearly charitable contribution to become part of the benevolence and help with fundraising.

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Posted by candid - 4 years ago

Animal sanctuaries are always glad of help,especially people to walk the dogs.Places like Les Puces charity shop  want volunteers to help run the shop.

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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

Try the Volee De Piafs in Languidic - they are a wild animal/bird sanctuary and always need help.

Telephone Didier on 06 08 98 42 36

or see their facebook page 


Well worth supporting!

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Posted by simone2-422892 - 4 years ago

Hi, I use to help at Resto de coeur (food bank) they are in most places, they are always looking for people to help.

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Posted by La Magdelaine - 4 years ago

A long time ago when I was trying hard to improve my grasp of living here ...NO AI & NO Anglais wanting to learn more French & make converstion that was not a list of building materials or searching the good old Harraps for "can you mend the puncture on my wheelbarrow SVP?"...I went to the local Maison de Retraite/Old People's Home & struggled to leave to go home!!! they even encouraged me to take my Golden Retriever & we were welcomed as < l'Anglaise avec Kristie > I learnt all the swear words & naughty phrases..helped with Jigsaw puzzles, read to those who could not see too well & got corrected on my pronunciation especially the local patois.

Emmaus are always looking for helpers to sort & clean all items donated...there are lots of of places you can go but you must go as they will not knock on your door.

Bon courage...

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Posted by Iguana Rock - 4 years ago

I would love to know that too but in Finistere, near Roscoff! We are now in our 5th year here and when I arrived I was hoping to get involved in something that I could help with and, in return, improve my French language skills. Sadly, it hasn't happened. 

Admin: Perhaps an idea for another link on your website - voluntary help required or offered??