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Advice about dental work appreciated.

Posted by britoninbretagne - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by britoninbretagne - 3 years ago

Well, thanks everyone so far. The plan is this........

Will be going to CPAM next week with the forms from the specialist to find out if they will pay for the equipment or not (I do know what the treatment involves now)

If they pay, then will be going ahead through the healthcare system as I think it's better to have specialists onside to check progress(I do have serious apnoea)

if not, that will be the time to try other methods for myself whilst retaining the machine and asking husband to check on snore levels(poor thing!)

Wish me luck!

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago


The OP wasn't talking about extensive dental work, the mandibular advancement devices I gave the link for are often made to measure by a dentist. The ones on the website are not; you fit them yourself after softening them in warm water.

Personally I'd try one you fit yourself before going to the expense of having one made, but at least the OP now knows what the consultant was talking about!


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Posted by Ivoire-444486 - 3 years ago

Before you spend any money, I think it's important to discuss the cause of the apnoea with the specialist who prescribed the PAPs machine. My OH has sleep apnoea and has had a machine for some years (at the sleep clinic it was found that he stopped brathing 40 times a hour, so it is a lifesaver). Through trial and error he has found that the tiny Sleepweaver mask (American company makes them) is the best, smallest, and most comfortable. In his case, the apnoea is caused by his airways being very small, nothing can be done about that - so expensive dental work would be useless.

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Posted by britoninbretagne - 3 years ago

Noblesse- thank you very much for that info. It might be useful to take it to my dentist so he can see what I can get the equipment for online!

Suki-Thanks also.I think I may have to commit to the expense before being 100 per cent sure if it works-c'est la vie!

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Posted by suky-98776 - 3 years ago

I'll be interested in buying the earplugs as my husband uses an apnoea machine!!! lol

I would advise you ask the specialist who has recommended the machine first before embarking on any other apparatus.  It is our understanding, depending on the severity and symptoms, as to which is the best solution.  You don't want to go to a lot of expense only to find it's not right for you.  My husband has had his now for 5 years and has encountered problems but he has helped his condition.  

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Posted by noblesse-404553 - 3 years ago

I think you are talking about these


There are lots of customer comments, and this is a very reliable organisation. I've been buying earplugs from them for years!