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Posted by rockandroll2 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by simone2-422892 - 4 years ago

Hi, Have you  been to the Bio shops which have gluton free flour and other gluton free products.

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Posted by phlophf-409902 - 4 years ago

my granddaughter comes to visit often and is a coeliac.

we have tried making her bread  and have tried most of the expensive local supermarket bread type offerings too and she hates them all except for SuperU gluten free brioche which is apparently quite palatable

Now if we go for a picnic  or she wants a bread type product we make her a galette with saracen flour and treat it as if it was a torilla wrap and put in a filling: she likes that. You need o be careful with saracen too as, although it is gluten free, some are packed in a factory which also has gluten products, so check the label - there is a very good one on sale in intermarche.

Fortunately tou can get really great pasta nowadays - which is her favourite food and tastes no different from ordinary pasta.

good luck



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Posted by Mark&Kath - 4 years ago


I have allergies to quite a number of cereals including wheat, rye, barley to name but a few. It is similar in some ways to celiac but I also have breathing problems and other symptoms like joint pain and swelling and disorientation, if I ingest them either by eating or breathing in particals of these cereals,  I've tried making bread with substitute flours but they don't really taste all that great and it's a lot of effort.  (Might be down to my skills but I used to make my own bread before the allergies.)  I've even been to Doves Farm in England, who produce flours especally for people like you and me.  Their products can be bought on the internet and some companies over here will deliver them, at a price.

However, you can buy gluten free bread at the main supermarkets here, in the Bio section.  They are hellishly expensive and the bread is only really like bread if toasted.  I've learnt to go without because the cakes and biscuits look the part and taste like a beer mat with a bit of sugar on it.  I ration myself to one tiny loaf a week and childishly look forward to 'toast day.'  I hope your breadmaking is a success.  It's a pain not being able to eat like other people.  On the other hand it's much better to go breadless than be perminently ill and in pain. I have a lovely flour free recipie for apple cake if you would like it.  It has the same texture as a cake , freezes so you don't have to wolf the whole thing at once.  It's fantastic, but if your allergic to nuts, it contains enough ground almonds to kill an elephant.  

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Posted by tigre-979768 - 4 years ago

One of the best oils to use if you suffer from high cholesterol is walnut oil,  huille due noix. It's  rather expensive  compared to olive oil, it also does not have a strong taste, good if frying delicate tasting food. 

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Posted by enthuisiasm - 4 years ago

In Ploermel,  where you obtain your health card adjacent to the library OPPOSITE THESE BUILDINGS is a health food shop. They have all kinds of dietary flour, dried foods ect, ,they speak perfect English incredibly helpful, once you visit this shop, it becomes an addiction. 

. Bread machines are fab!!!!! We add pure organic Colza and different flours. Our machine was from Lidle, double rotary blades. 

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Posted by rockandroll2 - 4 years ago

many thanks for your help . cant realy use oil because of my celiac .have found if i am realy carefull with my celiac diet my cholesterol comes down .


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Posted by Renard35 - 4 years ago

Apologies yes its Colza thats ok and yes from Rapeseed. Not allowed the Maize/Mais oil.

Yes thread is about Coelics disease but OP also mentioned high cholesterol too just thought as I have the same problem I would share as to be honest I had no idea the difference.I assumed olive oil was ok but had no idea the calorific value was almost the same as the other oils.The difference being its an oil thats far better for you hence a Mediterranean diet could be better for those of us with high cholesterol.Scientific fact.

Some people can eat a low fat diet but their bodies make bad cholesterol.

Some people eat fats and have low cholesterol the body is a strange thing.







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Posted by rockandroll2 - 4 years ago

many thanks .good to know there are others with the same problem  ann

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Posted by nelly15 - 4 years ago

I thought this was a thread about Celiac's not heart conditions.  

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Posted by bretonne - 4 years ago

Renard35 - Colza is not made from maize - it is rapeseed oil.