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Dementia care for the ex pat in France.

Posted by lynnb-979995 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

Bear in mind though that French legal rights and laws are not necessarily the same as UK legal rights and laws, so for that aspect you may either need to retrain or alternatively steer well clear of offering that kind of advice as pertaining to France. (Eg one radical difference is that the funding of care is totally different:: in France it is a legal obligation for children to pay for their parents' healthcare, whereas in the UK I believe the funding comes from the patient's estate and once they run out of funds the state takes over.)

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Posted by Wilbury Traveller - 3 years ago


In my experience of living here in Brittany and working independently in mental health, I don't believe that there is any dementia care specifically in English.    I am sure that your enterprise would be welcomed amongst English speakers here.   However, you will need to check that you would be allowed to set up such a practice.    You may find that you need to have your qualifications professionally translated.   You may be able to set up as an independent through the auto-entrepreneur scheme ... though you will need to check all this out.