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Posted by Cloudgreyandblue - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by walnut72 - 4 years ago

for single vision frames and lenses, good selection general optique 29euros all in,


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Posted by Mark&Kath - 4 years ago

Hi, I wear glasses, and yes if you have a perscription of less than 3 years old (even from the UK) you can take your frame to any french optician to have new lenses fitted, without the need to have an ordinance from the doctor. If you have top up/mutual medical insurance, check with them first to see if they have any agreements with the various opticians, as you will get most if not all the cost covered. If you do not have medical insurance but are registered here, or go to an opticians without an agreement with you medical insurance company, you will only get a percentage back from the goverment.

The law has changed recently in that now you can only change your glasses every two years (it was once per year) just because you want to, for fashion reasons etc, and get a percentage paid. However if your perscription changes you can change your glasses as often as you perscription changes, and get a percentage back.


If you are registered here and do not have top up insurance it is worth considering getting it. My glasses in the UK cost for lenses alone £380. Here with frames 570 euros complete. My top up insurance which covers everything including dental, and glasses costs 410 euros a year. With this insurance my glasses, including test cost me 30 euros. Do the maths the insurance pays for it's self, and saves me money, but I also have full medical cover.

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Posted by evenevenmoreantibs - 4 years ago

I've seen various mentions about the price of glasses in France but my recent experience has been very good.

I got a prescription from my GP, while seeing him about something else and took it to a local high street optician, where I had a full eye test and fitting.

The total cost was 500€ of which CPAM and my insurance company paid all except 90€, which would have been 30€ or even nothing had I not opted for expensive frames, scratch resistant and anti-reflective lenses.

My insurance company gave me an allowance of 113€ for the frames and there were many decent frames in the shop for less than that and even 'designer' frames were only 150-200€.

This also included a pair of varifocal prescription sunglasses.

The service and guarantees were excellent, much better than anything I have had in UK

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Posted by genie-382498 - 4 years ago



You may be cheaper in the long run using the above company (or other similar) for a complete set of new glasses