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Posted by mobee - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by mobee - 4 years ago

Thanks again everyone for their input, a very diverse collection of answers, which hopefully will be of benefit to others with a similar query.

Thank you again.

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Posted by Huey-407259 - 4 years ago

The optician in Mur has the equipment to check your sight, and therefore test your 2 closely done prescriptions.

As for quality, well I went to Vision Express in Jersey and had my eyes done. because at that time there was nearly a 2year wait for an opthalmagist in France.  When I went for the next pair in France, was told that I had not been supplied with the standard of lens for varifocal I had reuested, and paid for!  When my new glasses supplied, (incl. a 2nd pair for €1)  they were coated, and much thinner, items that were extra in UK.

As per price, I paid over €100 LESS than I had paid VE, and including far better service.

Regrettably I disagree with Specsavers, they would not lissen to you, and consequently you did not get what you wanted.

If you go online, would welcome your experiences, as for VF would not personally chance it.

Terry   0296294840

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Posted by Mags-10038314 - 4 years ago

Had the same problem a few years ago and found prices for good lenses and frames were seriously high -I did some research on the web and got a quote online and took it around several opticians - none could come close apart from one, and that was Optic 2000 in the Carhaix branch. 

I now realise that to get decent variofocals at a price I can afford in the years that I need to change, I need a good topup company with an optical package.  I am now on my third pair this year and with the aid of my insurance - I have nothing extra to pay.  My insurance company does not require me to pay in advance.

Buying glasses in France requires a prescription and a reasonable top up policy - note I  check the prices of this too.  Top up insurance in France goes by age not health - my husband who is 80 this year and myself pay about 136 euros a month for the company we started with this year and again I keep an eye on this and change often.  We both have new specs and I am very fussy re my glasses and more importantly my lenses.








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Posted by walnut72 - 4 years ago

general optique 29euros for single vision, complete! 89 for varifocals up to 299 for designer styles.


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Posted by bandy - 4 years ago

If you want to try a pair cheap, you could look on goggles4U.co.uk.

I've used them for several pairs of glasses.

i've not found anywhere else that can do photochromic vari-focal lenses as cheap, and never had a problem.

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Posted by mobee - 4 years ago

Thanks to all the replies.  I have had Varifocals for years and get on with them very well.  I normally always get my glasses in the UK when visiting family, but really would like a spare pair.  Must admit I do have slight concerns about the French prescription, despite it being done by an opthalmic consultant just a couple of weeks after my lengthy and thorough UK test, however the prescriptions look very different. 

Back to the drawing board me thinks!

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Posted by Explorer-386899 - 4 years ago

Overall, it is cheaper to have everything done in the UK, eye-testing and make up of the prescription. I had a visit to the opthalmologist here in 2004 - result, I got a prescription for reading specs/ varifocals; I had never had spectacles before.  A very expensive do it all was and, yes, the mutuelle that we had at the time covered most of the cost but still, it seemed extortionate, whoever was paying.  I could not get on with the varifocals and I simply could not get on with the spectacles in any way;  I had to sit holding a book, rather like a Victorian parlour lady in order to read it. I thought that this was stupid so went back to the opticians in France and explained.  Yes, it is normal they said. I should sit in such a way!

On a visit to the UK, I went to an optician and got checked out;  my prescription was wildly wrong - I did wonder how on earth the opthalmologist in France could have done a check up in twenty minutes when I spent an hour in Specsavers getting checked - so the specs were useless.  I did not need specs either for reading or anthing else.  

Since then, I get checked once per year in the Uk and the price at specsavers for a thorough check and all is never more than about thirty quid.  Well worth every penny.  I no longer have optician/ opthalomology on the mutuelle insurance as I have never been for an eye check here since!

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Posted by tinabee - 4 years ago

Good point Karen - my French friends were long-time varifocal users so had no problems

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 4 years ago

Just a small tip, if this is the first time you have had varifocals, make sure whichever optician you use offers some sort of return/refund system if you can't get on with them.

Not everyone is suited to varifocals and if you're one of the unlucky ones it is a very expensive mistake to make.


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Posted by tinabee - 4 years ago

I have purchased varifocals for French friends from this website - the process is very easy to follow and they were delighted with the results AND the prices.