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Good Opticians needed

Posted by yorkshirepudding-396727 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by plouyepaul - 3 years ago

Absolutely not tigre, any advice on AI will help someone else. In this case it isn't cataracts. To outline the situation he had laser eye surgery at h

Harley Street in London a few years ago, it didn;t cerrect his vision for very long so they agreed to repeat the laser surgery again for free, it lasted less than 9 months! Pre laser surgery he could read without glasses and was short sighted. Over the past few years his vision has reversed and his reading prescription increased! In addition he has had at least 5 eye tests, 2 in the UK and 3 here but only one peair of glasses out of dozens have been any good. It's driving him and me mad! Spex4Less in the UKk have been great, they changed lenses in 2 pairs of frames and the second set are useless. The prescription is wrong, being the last one he had done in the UK. So he wants yet another eye test to hopefully put an end to this noghtmarei The best eye test/glasses made was at Optical Center in Morlaix, a French version of SpecSavers but they are less than perfect!!

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Posted by tigre-979768 - 3 years ago

Yorkshirepudding, has your husband got cataracts? The only reason I ask because my Father had problems with glasses and always seemed to need new prescriptions (very costly), then he went to his doctor who sent him to the hospital and they confirmed he had cataracts on both eyes. Specsavers had not picked it up, and he spent a fortune with them, disgusting really. Anyway, I only asked because of my Father's situation, I hope you are not offended?

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Posted by Huey-407259 - 3 years ago

Yes he can do eye tests, but of copurse not for health, which must be done by an Opthalmagist.


Cannot miss him he is by the church and in yellow pages.

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Posted by dangermouse-440611 - 3 years ago

huey,can you tell us more please do they do eye tests as well as glasses ? name and address please email me if it breaks anglo rules.thanks derek

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Posted by Huey-407259 - 3 years ago

Mur de Bretagne