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Health and insurance

Posted by ronsmum - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

It's no good asking CPAM how DWP operate - they don't know the UK criteria, any more than DWP knows how CPAM operate. DWP regularly tell people not to worry about not being eligible for an S1 because they will automatically be accepted for CMU as soon as they arrive in France.

To answer the OP, health cover is never free at the point of delivery in France, except in certain circumstances. I don't understand why a3 thinks the costs are lower, either. Maybe he's talking about the cost of providing the care, but does anybody know how much healthcare actually costs (as opposed to how much you pay) in the UK?

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Posted by Space Cadet - 3 years ago

a3, how can health care costs be "much much cheaper than the UK once you`re in the sysystem" ?

Once you`re in the system in the UK, it`s 100% free ! Apart from a relatively small prescription charge and even they are free once you hit 60.

Just saying.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

Thanks for that Dozygirl, I'll need to look into it further


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Posted by dozygirl-10045474 - 3 years ago

a3 is correct with his reply.  Just looked at the gov.uk site and you won't be issued with an S1 until you receive your UK state pension.  It doesn't matter what the retirement age is in France when the UK are funding your healthcare, they say it's when you receive your state pension.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

Also meant to say that the 8% you pay until you are covered by an S1 is actually 8% of all income over 9601 euros pa.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago


I actually phoned the English speaking CPAM line a couple of weeks ago with some queries along the same lines as the OP has asked. (They are very helpful and friendly by the way)

I was told that I (as a wife) could apply for an S1 at 62 (which is now the retirement age for women in France) and that my husband could be attached to my CV. I am younger than my husband but I asked the question twice, to be sure, and the answer was emphatic.

Hope that helps but it is always best to speak to the relevant body yourself as individual circumstances do vary and may affect your entitlement.


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Posted by a3 - 3 years ago

You have to qualify for an S1 to get uk funded healthcare here in france i.e be of uk retirement age and in receipt of the uk state pension. For a married couple the younger spouse is a dependent so receipt of the S1 relates to the age of the older partner? So for example husband 63 wife 59 now they will not get an S1 until the husband is 65.

Without an S1 you apply to join the CMU  you will pay 8% of income after allowances in contributions. also french healthcare is subsidised to roughly 70% of cost apart from life threatening illness such as cancer or stroke. To cover the difference many organise insurance via a mutuelle and for this age range it can be around 100 euro per month depending on the extent of cover ie incuding dentistry or eyecare ....

healthcare costs here are much much cheaper than the uk once you are in the system and my personal experience has been far more positive but if you pay cotistation via the cmu or employment it is a noticeable initial cost,.

Hope this helps but there is lots of info on the web.