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Lyme Disease

Posted by myrtle-391965 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Barrie73 - 3 years ago

Just type the following words into a Google search box and you have a massive choice:

lymes disease personal experiences


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Posted by nananoo - 3 years ago

I have sent you a pm..hope it helps

regards nananoo

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Posted by convent girl-439588 - 3 years ago

Hi. I had this two year's ago. I felt like i had flu all the time and my joints hurt. I was lucky though, and after a long course of antibiotics I was fine but it did take a few months. Good luck.

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Posted by Sarah - 3 years ago


Yes I had this 2 years ago, had no idea was in hospital for another reason when I suddenly couldn't speak properly.  They worked it out after 5 days of tests including a lumbar puncture; a district nurse came to our house every day to put me on a drip for 40 minutes for 26 days.  Vision was very odd as I could see 3 of everything and I needed help walking around because of this as I could not judge steps etc. Only thing I wanted to eat was ice-cream which not something I usually like.  I am fine now (took around 8 months) however have been told by an optician that it could come back.  Just send me an email if you want any other advice.  Good luck & hope you feel better soon



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Posted by kerguen - 3 years ago

As stated previously - it depends at what stage you were treated, if first stage ie after bite and flu symptoms and have the 2/3 week  antibiotic therapy - you probably won't have any after effects. 

It is only if it wasn't diagnosed early you can have slight or major problems.  I felt right again after 5/6 months, but now think I have arthritis in some joints from it - but as the doctor said it could be caused by something else, otherwise I appear to have fully recovered .  A friend of mine also  has no after effects, but was hospitalised with pain at the time before the antibiotic therapy instigated.

I found the hard part was being diagnosed, after that it was plain sailing.    Iwish you a good recovery - just go with what the docs tell you.


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Posted by myrtle-391965 - 3 years ago

its just that i would like to communicate with people who have actually had the disease and how it affected them.  Google is all very well but doesn't give personal experiences.  so please, if anyone has some real advice i would love to hear from you.

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Posted by mobee - 3 years ago

Recovery varies, why not Google it you'll find plenty of information there.