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Posted by MrsOverallagain - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by sunshinedays - 2 years ago

Eludril from the pharmacy. It is an antibacterial and helps prevent plaque and gum disease

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Posted by Fabianne - 2 years ago

Aldi's own brand of mouthwash with pale blue top. Called Viofluor Bain de douche Sensitive. It is just what you are looking for

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Posted by orme2 - 2 years ago

Good news!  Thanks for letting us know.


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Posted by MrsOverallagain - 2 years ago

Four months on and not a single blister on my gums!! Thank you ORME2 for that information about sodium lauryl sulphate. I'm sure that must have been the cause of so many years of misery - it would have been useful if the dental hospital had known about it. Thanks also to Noblesse for the toothpaste recommendation - pricy but it works. 

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Posted by plouyepaul - 3 years ago

I would advise anyone who uses these types of industrial mouthwash products to stop using them. Buy a small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, available in France as Eau Oxygénée and is usually 3%. The percentage is important, too strong and it will burn your mouth. I buy 30% but it is becoming difficult to find in quantity, I always bought 5 litre containers, at this strength it will burn your skin quite badly and would be very dangerous. However if you dilute it down to 1% it will provide all the benefits of industrial mouthwashes with none of the chemical contamination. In my honest opinion I agree with research done last year proving that rinsing well with plain (albeit by no means harmless) tap water. The action of vigorous rinsing is more important than the mouthwash ingredients.

Not sure about the athletes foot by the way but it was definitely marketed as a surgical antispetic!

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Glad you sorted the problem.

Obviously lemon and honey ingredients are used in many ways and rinsing the mouth with water thoroughly afterwards causes no problems-as well as not brushing teeth soon after. Presumably you've eliminated all sugar and acid products from your mouth as well now so a double whammy there too.


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Posted by orme2 - 3 years ago

Glad to hear that things have improved and thanks for the info about the toothpaste.


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Posted by MrsOverallagain - 3 years ago

I may be being hasty, but using toothpaste without SLS seems to be doing the trick. No sore gums recently. This is after years of trouble and treatment including a biopsy (which I wouldn't recommend to anyone).

Noblesse & orme2: I found a homeopathic toothpaste called Homeocaryl at the pharmacie that fits the bill. 

moi: not sure about the idea of rinsing around my teeth with acid and sugar - but I'm sure it tastes delicious. 

Many thanks to all those who replied. 

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Posted by 001sugarplum - 3 years ago

I use the Listerene sans alchool. It's a bit more expensive than the others but it doesn't make you retch. 

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Posted by MrsOverallagain - 3 years ago

Thank you all for your replies. I shall try the home-made recipe before buying the one from Boots. Interesting to hear the sodium lauryl sulphate thread. A quick look at my toothpaste shows it as an ingredient. 

Johne - just stop putting your foot in your mouth should cure that!

night&day - but Bushmills would give it the alcohol sting and awful taste of commercial mouthwash.  Just what I was trying to avoid.