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replacement knees latest.

Posted by Di Woodward - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by winda1 - 3 years ago

Hubby due to have his done 10th september in Quimper.  He has been told he will stay for 4 days andthen rehab.  We shall see and can keep you posted if its not too late for you.



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Posted by Martin King-393934 - 3 years ago

Not terribly relevant perhaps.I had 'Cambridge' knee ops in both legs about 10 to 15 years ago in England.Very quick recovery ,less than 6 weeks.May be worth asking if a full knee replacement is necessary.

Good luck,


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Posted by kervéor - 3 years ago

I didn't have a knee replaced (I just broke my leg in three places ) but the lady I shared my room did ,this was last year in June  she was in a physio hospital with me ,there were lots of people there with knee replacements all doing well ,the average stay seemed to be about 3 wks .the pool was used every day in 30 min sessions and physio 60 min sessions .Take along some books or a kindle , swimming costume and towelling bathrobe plus the obligatory swim hat and plastic pool shoes.You might. be able. to use the pool if your scar is I  healed .Towels are not provided in the hospitals here ,bring your own .Treat it as a spa holiday with physio on the side ! Good luck .I didn't have a private room as I think the days are long enough and I like chatting but everyone is different .

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Posted by Di Woodward - 3 years ago

Pam, a huge "Thank you"  as this is exactly what I wanted to hear.  I shall probably have it done at Pontivy as I go there often - too often! - as diabetic etc etc.  Could you let me know the name of your surgeon?  Was it Boschet, as I have heard good things about him?  Good luck to your husband.


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Posted by nuffsaid - 3 years ago

well now I had a knee done two years ago and a year before that ,same knee.. ..puzzled ,,,

went and saw surgeon yes you ned a knee half a knee will do,,ok your the man I say's ..6 months after still in pain,,,, back to hospital , another surgeon saw me ,, thats no good he say's you need a whole knee should have had in the first place,, back in operation done with whole new  knee,,,, 3 weeks hab and now it's as good as new 

and now I am looking to getting the other knee done ,, am I brave or what.....

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Posted by Pam Jones - 3 years ago

My husband had a knee replacement last October in Pontivy. a week in hospital and then three weeks booked at rehab but was able to come home after two as he was getting on so well. Excellent care throughout and no problems since.

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Posted by Di Woodward - 3 years ago

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply but it is recent replacements I am interested in, preferably this year.  I am glad your wife is getting along well.

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Posted by wizzywhiskas - 3 years ago

My wife had a knee replacement here 5yrs ago at Morlaix, 8 days in the clinic then 4 weeks rehab at Roscoff.

Fantastic treatment, brilliant surgeon at Morlaix, all great after 5yrs.

Not a centime changed hands including private ambulance from Morlaix to Roscoff, all done via Mutuel Ins.