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Returning to UK - NHS query

Posted by andrew & elizabeth - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by walnut72 - 4 years ago

depends where you are going in Uk , in some areas there is a 1 month wait for gp appointments,so it might be wise to book with a gp as soon as you decide on your area.

also not all gp surgeries are taking on patients, then you will have to do a bit more research.

If you have a long term medical problem you can apply to get 3 months pills here when you go back to tide you over

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Posted by Jet Lag - 4 years ago

When you get back home go to your local surgery armed with your NHS number and complete the New Patient documentation.

They do not ask if you are UK resident but assume you are because you are registering with a UK address.

They may ask you for details of the last GP practice that you were registered with.

You can get appointments/treatment immediately you register.

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Posted by Oferyas-807188 - 4 years ago

No - a UK address is all you need to register with a GP and access the nhs. I know from recent sad experience: a friend who moved back to UK ended up in hospital their first night home....

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Posted by andrew & elizabeth - 4 years ago

Many thanks for the input!!   I do have an NI number and I will be renting in the UK, so, you do not think there is any waiting period other than those you have mentioned?    i.e. this person has only just entered the UK and he will have to wait for....x period of time before we can get round to seeing him.

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Posted by 4seven - 4 years ago

One more thing - for surgical non urgent surgery. Your GP would refer you for a Consultants opinion on a choose and book basis. It gives you time to research the specialist of your choice. 

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Posted by 4seven - 4 years ago

If you have a national insurance number you then need to apply to GP's for a place at their surgery. If you do not have a national insurance number you can apply for one by visiting the net. You will need a place of residence either it be rented or owned. You are then entitled to NHS treatment. Hope this helps. Good luck.