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Slimming world

Posted by nellyhei - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

They did change the fresh fruit value, odd fruits had a sin value, the theory was fresh fruit is sin free within reason and only if it suits, because of the natural sugar in it. Some people were eating loads of it instead of meals, and we're putting on weight. It was a sort of safety valve to add the condition.

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Posted by kerguen - 4 years ago

I found the slimming world diet great  - I was not hungry, and natural low fat yoghurt is free food - no need to get mullers.  There is a sin value on fruit ones, but any fresh fruit is free food.

Good luck

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Posted by grannydot-403561 - 4 years ago

I have the slimming world diet books if you like I can scan the relevant pages of what you must eat in a day. You also have an allocation of Sins depending on your weight.  The old way was green or red days. Green day you main source was carbohydrate, and your were meat based. Or red days were meat based, and the sins were carbohydrate based.  Lots of foods were zero points as well. You can't do it from just a recipe book, unless it gives you sin value of each recipe.

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Posted by HAF-443346 - 4 years ago

Just cut out carbs, high fat low carb is the way to go, I'm a diabetic and have control of my blood sugars and losing weight following this.

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Posted by staffordian - 4 years ago

I always found it was a good way to lose weight.I have the books here to follow.Unfortunately I find I am. Yo yo dieter.I find it so easy to lose weight,but a darn site easier to put it on again.

Any tips?

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Posted by flobeck - 4 years ago

myfitnesspal.com is brilliant and free you can download the app onto your mobile phone/tablet as well as your PC and scan barcodes and it tells you all the nutritional information you need including what you buy in the supermarkets here in France and adds them to your food diary.  It's brilliant I have lost 11kg using it. It certainly keeps you focussed and putting all your food in you can see exactly what your are eating and where you go wrong.

Have tried loads of different diets, the 5:2 diet, and I have even been to weightwatchers here in France and in the end decided the best way is to eat less calories, eat healthily, stop buying low fat, sugar free processed food. Oh and measure or weigh everything - its too easy to over estimate what you put on your plate. Yes it takes up a lot of time but it's working for me.

I am currently sticking to 1400 cals a day so I don't get hungry. I cant have sweeteners as most of them contain Aspartame which I believe is very bad for you. You don't have to deprive yourself of anything as long as you count the cals. 

If you exercise you can put this into your myfitnesspal diary and this increases the amount you can eat.  You can share diaries with friends so you can keep a check on each other. I have done it with my sister in the UK she has lost 14lbs (she has a lot less than me to lose) and is almost at her goal. But doing it together has been brilliant.

Above all you have to be honest - if you cheat you are only cheating yourself. An excellent app and its free.

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Posted by No longer Online - 4 years ago

I had a look on the website and found it to expensive to join when living in france, it nearly doubled in price. I started with this group instead and have lost 3kg in two weeks.


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Posted by RD-435207 - 4 years ago

Are there any classes here in Brittany?

I heard that there was one in Ploermel, Morbihan.

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Posted by Dungey1 - 4 years ago

A friend of mine in the UK lost stones with Slimmingworld and now manages several groups of her own. I've looked on their website several times and it seems to me that there is a huge range of meals and desserts, which with a little investigation in the supermarkets over here, can be replicated easily enough. You can pretty much eat anything with a little tweaking.

if you have the willpower, I think it can be a great success, obviously along with increasing exercise. Unfortunately, I don't have the willpower !