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1&1.fr How to get on to editing existing website.

Posted by Werner-402730 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Werner-402730 - 4 years ago

Hello Jo,I have a pack Perso with 1&1 fr it has been in existance for a few years.The old instructions which I have to enter my website and be able to change the text doesn't work.This is the problem that I have with my website.Thank you for replying again sorry that I didn't make myself clear the first time around.


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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 4 years ago

I did put a reply on here earlier but it seems to have vanished along with another; I thought Werner couldn't find out how to log into his "espace client" as it wasn't clear whether he had actually managed to log in.

It would be useful if he could come back and say exactly what he's trying to do.

I use an FTP client, but you don't have to - you can use '1&1 WebTransfert' as an alternative.
Once logged in, that's under the 'Gérer l'espace web' on the left.

However that might not be what he's trying to do if he's used one of their build-your-own-site options.

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Posted by minesagin - 4 years ago


For the above numbers for YOUR site log into the espace client. left hand side look for "gerer les noms de demaine" click on that left hand side there is YOUR website name, below that is the number you require starts with an S

Back to espace client near bottom left find link "gerer l'espace web" and then "access FTP securise" bottom left of page look for "NOM D'UTILISATEUR" and there you find the other number that begins with a U.

Suffice to say, these numbers are personal DO NOT disclose to ANYONE or they will take control of your website. Hope you can follow this.


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Posted by minesagin - 4 years ago

I use FTP commander but al are similar enter following details

NAME = ftp. then your wesite name ie mine = ftp.la-brise.fr

FTP SERVER = SXXXXXXXX.onlinehome.fr  = replace X with your number


USER ID = u8XXXXXXXXXX = as above replace X with the number of YOUR u ident no.

PASSWORD = as you set in the client controls

Tick passive and save password boxes

FTP RESPONSE = default

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Posted by minesagin - 4 years ago

which FTP programme are you using