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Above Ground Pools

Posted by mobee - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by mobee - 4 years ago

Many thanks for the replies received so far, some good advice there which we will use in our decisions.  Still interested in any recommendations of an installer should we 'bite the bullet' and go ahead with the pool.


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Posted by crazydogs - 4 years ago

Hi, we had one like you described as we lived in Spain, when we moved we couldn't have another dug in as our property sat on a rock enscarpment, we searched high and low like yourself for a good sturdy above ground type. Long and short of it Leroy merlin does a very good selection, we purchased the oblong 6 meter x 4 Meter, problem is like first comment, it can bow on sides. Make sure ground is flat level and a good extra layer of felt, once erected, spend out on more timber and build a second wood skin, every meter I dug concreted a post in. Also if ladder then add extra protection on feet in pool area. It lasted us 5 years, we sold new owner keeps in touch and it's still spot on. Use good chemicals also as it prolongs liner. Hope it helps

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Posted by genie-382498 - 4 years ago

we have a metal sided above ground one that we installed ourselves purchased in year 2000 installed 2002 new liner in 2008 (because the kids puncutred the original), have had glorious summers in it and certainly worth every penny, we also have solar heating system for it now which lengthens the usage.


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Posted by Millisle - 4 years ago


Just a thought we had friend in Spain who was given  an above ground pool--but he sunk it-and wow-it was brilliant,had fewer probs with it -to my knowledge lasted at least 5 yrs-and remember it was secondhand!!

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Posted by HarleyRider58 - 4 years ago

Hi mobee


I can speak first hand as a previous owner of just that type of pool.  We loved it, used it regularly, maintained it impeccably, and after about 3 years the wooden sides started to bow; eventually forcing us to get rid of it.  Expensive lesson IMHO.


I do apologise if I have put a damp rag on it; but wanted to let know of our experience.