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Adware-malware solutions please

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Still thumbs up for malwarebytes,I have had my problems reduced by 90percent :-)

Do not forget though that 76 percent of statistics are made up on the spot xx

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 3 years ago

Malwarebytes with out a doubt!  You can in settings change so that it does not block but asks you if it suspects something. As for Spyhunter it ptobably does work well but - just try installing the free version on a brand new install that has never conected to the internet and see what happens !!!!!! (would you still buy it if it found something on scan and informed you that you need the purchased version???)



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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

If W10 offers something you need that W7 doesn't, then go for it.  Most people don't need or want half the functions offered by later versions of Windows but fall for the hype of "New is always better".  Plenty of info on the 'net, and in fact on the various AI forums about problems upgrading to W10.  Of course these problems only happen to people who always get poor after sales service, bad experiences with banks and utilities and get ripped off by garages, etc. 

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

Dave is ten any good, I'm running seven, is ten worth updating to.

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Posted by Dave Evans-439024 - 3 years ago

Just be aware that malwarebytes anti-malware can be a real pain in the proverbial. I have two computers and they are running Windows 10, it blocks totally wrong stuff. Tried on both to update Mozilla Firefox and it stopped me from opening the setup file. Said it was an iffy site!!! So removed it from both computers! Now both updated with no problems.


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Posted by Grossac - 3 years ago

In the last few days, I have acquired 'Hello Shopping'   I had already run all the suggestions except Spyhunter with no success   Before I go down that route has anyone had this problem

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Posted by Ziggy Stardust - 3 years ago


Once you've got everything working, install that on whatever browser you use. Blocks all ads, pop ups etc and it gives you a list of stuff it's blocking with the option to turn them on or off (some things won't work if you block everything on a page). It does mean that pages load quicker and you don't get that annoying pop up appear just as you've started reading something. I have it on all Windows things, and I've also installed it on Safari on my Mac just to stop the ads.

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Quick update,I have been on the computer for a couple of hours now and have not had any popups or unwanted malware attacking me with adverts,so thank you for the recommendation of malwarebytes Bartyb,as always you are a star and are a much appreciated member of the angloinfo community. xx

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

It can take hours and hours and sometimes the whole system crashes. When I said reinstall i meant from the system discs that came with the machine or the system discs you burnt when you bought the unit, storing files on a separate hard drive relates to personnel stuff like photos and stuff you don't want to lose, it is highly unlikely that you will pick up any viruses, but if you had backed up your files used the system discs and reinstalled the operating system your computer would have been done in an hour, faster and problem free.

Posted by itinerant child-414831 - 3 years ago

Have given malware-bytes a try and it has got rid of a few things that I know have been causing me problems so that is positive,but the list was no-where near as impressive as spyhunter,but hey, beggars and choosers come to mind !!

Will try another recommendation tonight.

If I can get rid of it all little by little,I shall be happy.

Thanks again for your help lovely people,I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Love and light

Jamie xx