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After house sale - vacating

Posted by she180249 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by kerguen - 4 years ago

A long time ago when we bought our house here (from English people). We arrived at the notaires at the agreed time 2pm - the people were almost  two hours late - still emptying the property), we exchanged keys etc had a meal with them in celebration and stayed with friends overnight.  The next morning went to the house and found a friend of the last owner still taking things out of the hangar/garage - evidently he had been told he could have what was left and was helping himself after the signing.  We don't know what had been taken in previous trips but what we saw taken wasn't worth a great deal but it was the principle - as  you can imagine it soured relations between us afterwards.

As others have said you should move out the day of the signing but two people we know have sold and have arranged with the next owners to stay that night - as the ferry wasn't until the next day - it is always worth asking the notaire if that is possible (if  you don't mind sleeping on inflatable matresses) they having arranged what to do with the last key with the new owners.




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Posted by Explorer-386899 - 4 years ago

'when you sign the Acte de Vente - you hand over the keys and that is it.  You should have got everything out of your house by that day.  If the signing is in the morning, then you should have it emptied the night before and if the signing is in the afternoon then you have the morning to clear any bits.

Once you have signed, it is not your property anymore.  Your notaire will not allow the Acte de Vente to pass without having the funds from the buyers.

Going through the process now.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

Dream on. Allegations that Notaires are withholding their client's funds for financial gain are false and unfounded. If you know any short term investments that would make it worthwhile please share them with others. 

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Posted by pilot-425170 - 4 years ago

Not necessarily the case, if there's a large sum of money involved that will attract a much higher rate of interest, and therefore would most certainly be worth while . LRV24 wrong.

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Posted by LRV24 - 4 years ago

in these days of low interest rates there is nothing to be made from a client's money being in a Notaire's bank account for a day or two.

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Posted by mortimer29 - 4 years ago

In the good old days the notaire gave you a notaire cheque at the acte de vente. This was guaranteed money. Now the law has changed and the notaire has to pay by electronic transfer. If his is to a UK account it can take several days. Unfortunately many notaires now abuse this system and hold on to the money for several days in all sales. If you hang on to hundreds of thousands of euros from all your transactions then you can earn a lot of interest over the course of a year and this is what they do. A nice little earner. So you have to move out before the signing takes place and then camp in the notaires office until they give you written proof that they have transfered the money! 

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Posted by Roebuck - 4 years ago

You should find within the compromis (and certainly within the draft of the Acte) the expression "jouissance au jour de l'acte" ie possession the same day as signing the Acte.

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Posted by Janouk - 4 years ago

It's as all posters have said - you sign, they pay the Notaire, it's theirs, simple as that, utilities are changed to their names after meter readings and they must have it insured (very often they take over from your insurers and change later if they want to) I believe that, if you're moving back to the UK  and use a currency company to transfer the money, it is done fairly quickly (see other poster's advice in previous threads) You will need to find temporary accomodation, if need be by renting, until your funds are in place for purchasing another property if that is your intention.

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Posted by nelly15 - 4 years ago

The day you sign is the day you move. It belongs to the new owners. It would be wise, as suggested, to move out before. You hand over the keys at the signing.

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Posted by Foxie-986308 - 4 years ago

As said. You obviously wouldn't sign the acte de vente if the buyer hasn't handed over the sale price to the notaire. On the other hand, even if the notaire isn't able to put the money in your bank immediately, due to tax etc, then if the buyer has paid the money over then the house is his and he won't expect you to be living in his house.