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Posted by vichy-445734 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by apples-426462 - 3 years ago

  this is just one for sale on amazon.fr for sale with a querty  keyboard I just put in laptop with querty  keyboard


  2015 Razer Blade 14 i7 4720HQ 2.6-3.6GHz NVIDIA 3GB GTX 970M (Windows 10 Pro / 512GB SSD / QHD+ Multitouch / 16GB RAM)

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Posted by gwenn-391886 - 3 years ago

I wonder if the confusion is because of something to do with Kindles being delivered to different countries?  Given that I just had to change my address to a UK address to buy from the Kindle Store UK it seems there are restrictions specific to Kindle which don't apply to other goods. 

As an aside, I use a comparison site (that someone on here suggested a while back) to check the prices across the Amazon Europe stores:


With regard to the laptop, I just did a search for 'qwerty' on Amazon.fr and it pulled up qwerty laptops.  Only problem with buying it from Amazon.uk is that you'll have to return it to them if there are any problems and as I recall they only refund a set amount of postage (less than £10 I think).

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Posted by vichy-445734 - 3 years ago

Thank you for all your helpful posts, 

Amazon. Uk it is. 



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Posted by Kernowboy-10061199 - 3 years ago

They won't deliver "anything" to France because they definitely won't deliver Kindles and they don't come from a 3rd party supplier but direct from Amazon.  However, as the OP wants a laptop not a Kindle, they may.  Ring and ask, I did, they were very helpful.

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Posted by wizzywhiskas - 3 years ago

Sorry but Amazon UK deliver anything to France - there are certain 'sub-sellers' who don't deliver but we always use AmUk as, previously been said, AmFr service is not good.

We've ordered laptops, desktops, keyboards etc with no probs.

We ordered a desktop last year fro the company, it was new and it came under the section that AmUk guarantee European delivery - the make was crap, we ended up sending it back with us keeping the hard-drive as we had put personal details on it, they paid for all postage to send it back and then we bought a refurb Dell (via AmUk) with a 1TB (1000GB) HD, all other components renewed, a superb machine which is so fast and fully guaranteed.

Would not use AmFr unless it was desperate - the extra postage is well worth it.

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Posted by gwenn-391886 - 3 years ago

I've had electronic items delivered to France by Amazon UK?

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Posted by Reveuse-918439 - 3 years ago

I think it depends on the supplier. Some deliver to France, some don't.

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Posted by Kernowboy-10061199 - 3 years ago

Ordering from Amazon UK might be a problem because they don't deliver electronics to France, they wouldn't deliver a Kindle or a lap top for us.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

Having in the past bought a Dell laptop from Amazon UK - had a shedload of problems with it- 6 months involvement with Dell service - and then Dell admitted that it was a a refurbished machine that we had been sold as new-which Amazon immediately gave us our money back.

I would say it's Amazon UK all the way!

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Posted by blotto - 3 years ago

I've found that you don't have any where near as much customer support from amazon.fr as you do from amazon.co.uk.  I would always buy from uk site and have it delivered for any important/expensive purchases such as a laptop