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Bbc Radio in france

Posted by vichy-445734 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

I think exactly the same.  Roberts would be one of my first choices but the price is way beyond sensible for me.  Even the lesser known brands are stupid money.   Such a shame because French radio is so dire.

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Posted by JohnP-390097 - 3 years ago

I have been tempted to buy an internet radio and I know Roberts radios are up among the best but I would like to know where is the best place to buy one. I have looked on Amazon uk and fr and taking into account the exchange rate there is not much difference. The "classic"model is around £180 or equivalent in €. Seems quite a lot of money for a radio, what do others think?

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Posted by vwkompak - 3 years ago

I connected the audio connectors on my Sky box to the amplifier of my audio system and then listened to the radio channel without having the TV on.

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Posted by Fitter - 3 years ago

BBC on the internet went off again at just before 11.00 am this morning but came back on at about 11.20. What are they playing at? Every other radio station that streams on the net seems to be able to maintain continuous service. Just as well I'm not paying UK taxes or tv licence anymore.


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Posted by staffordian - 3 years ago

I have an old Sony battery radio which fortunately has got LW so I can listen to radio 4.We can't get VHF and the MW isn't too good.

You can listen to any station via the I Player,but I still like my little transistor to carry around with me.

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Posted by motocycliste - 3 years ago


You are fortunate and are probably recieving BBC broadcasts from the Channel Islands.

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Posted by Karen-381938 - 3 years ago

We can actually listen on vhf. Never needed to use long wave.





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Posted by Jo Taylor-790528 - 3 years ago

Mine isn't back, Fitter -  but I go here on the rare occasion that the BBC site itself is down (many other stations too):

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

Yes, I have just got mine back :-)