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Calling any Invicta Bradford Wood Burner Owners!

Posted by threebis - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by threebis - 3 years ago

Looks like it is a weak spot with this model, makes me more determined to (Epoxy) Loctite it in place.

As for the fire smoking when you open the door, it's rarely a design problem, more one of air pressure. Usually cured by having a fully lined chimney, from fire outlet to top of chimney stack.


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Posted by firestarter-435430 - 3 years ago

Ours is exactly the same (Bradford) - looks lovely but had to replace the screw with a real chunky one which was longer.  Also, it smokes very badly if door opened and think it is designed badly inside.  Would not buy another one!

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Posted by threebis - 3 years ago

Millisle: I too am struggling to contact Invicta, but fingers crossed I get a reply after the New Year weekend, although from your own experience I won't be holding my breath.

As the current screw - even if part of it has broken off inside the door - fails to marry to the cast threads, I'm now tempted to Loctite it into place. Come to think of it, who's to say a replacement screw, if I could get one, is going to be any different if the cast threads are 'shot'

Moi:  I too found the same website but in their spares they only mention baffle plates for the Bradford model and nothing to do with the handle. Thank you taking the trouble to check it out for me.

When I was searching for info on this model I came across several people from this particular AI forum wanting to know how to operate this model, hence why I directed my enquiry here and not my own Department.

Thank you both for your advice.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 3 years ago

Does this help?


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Posted by Millisle - 3 years ago


We own an  Invicta Chaumont-beautiful!!-BUT  one we noticed straightaway was the screw to the pivoting handle continuiosly became loose,and think this is a poor design,bearing in mind the cost of the woodburner.

I have no idea if the screw that we have-now wedged!! is similar to yours-but suspect is very well might be.

We tried at first to contact Invicta-but were unable to do so--and now I think this maybe become a problem for us.