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Code invalid for mobile telephone

Posted by teatime-972181 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Wyvern-781743 - 4 years ago

Sorry teatime, my reply and your last post crossed so what I suggested no longer applies.

Its not clear from your last post wether you have entered a contract with Leclerc or not as a result of the mis-selling. Do they have your credit card or bank details as part of the deal?. If they do you need to cpmplain and get it stopped with the help of your French friend.If they don't have your details then all you have lost is the initial payment and its up to you if you think its worth trying to get it back.

For the limited use you want to put the phone to why not just get a carte prepayee (Pay as you go)  from the orange web site for €3.90 and then top up with the minimum Mobicarte voucher that will meet your needs. You already know that an Orange SIM card will work in the phone.

It may not be the cheapest deal around but there aren many cheap phome deals in France anyway and its the one with the least hassle in your situation.


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Posted by Wyvern-781743 - 4 years ago

There are several codes associated with mobile phones and SIM cards

The fact that it says Code Invalide may suggest that the Le Clerc card has a 4 digit PIN that has to be entered to when the phone is switched on. Check the documentation that came with the SIM.

If a PIN number was required and you have not put it in correctly you may have now locked the phone. There should be a PUK number that enables you to recover a SIM if the incorrect PIN number has been entered more than 3 times. Look up how to use the PUK code on the internet.

Finally, are you sure, as SYNIK has said, that the phone is unlocked and not tied to Orange? If you bought it new from Orange France and it has never been unlocked then you do need to contact Orange for an unlock code. 

Failing that do as countrydweller suggests and buy a cheap basic unlocked phone.in which you can use a SIM card of your choice including your LeClerc one

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Posted by teatime-972181 - 4 years ago

Today I went to LeClercs with a French friend. It seems that the card we were sold lasts for one month and has to be topped up each month at LeClercs. The 'mini plus' deal is the package that costs a min of €10 to set up, then €1.50 is deducted each month unless you make calls  costing €1.50 or more each month. The card we were sold also includes internet which we do not have on our telephone and we could have got a package at €3 less without internet. When asked why we went for this by the staff member, I told her that we were advised by two people at Leclercs to take this. She just shrugged her shoulders. So now I have had to pay €8 to keep this topped up until the end of May and will have to pay another €8 for June, the period we need it for. Or we have to contact LeClercs technical services to change our line to buy the 'non-internet'; option. OR we lose our credits and go for the mini plus which is the one we wanted in the first place. Hubby is very annoyed and doesn't want to renew with LeClercs. So how do I go about changing to someone else? I know nothing about such things and my heady hurts nows! Thank you to everyone who has kindly advised and joined in with this topic!

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Posted by SYNIK - 4 years ago

Rance, I'm on Leclerc. They take 1,50 per month automatically, but as said, this is deducted from useage. So if I make 5,00 worth of texts and calls per month, the first 1,50 is 'free'. The total deductions to my account will be 1,50 plus 3,50, = 5 euro, ie exactly what I've used in calls, so no additional fee.

I don't know if they still offer this tarif but if they do, I recommend it. I've tried various operators and hit problems trying to use the phone in other countries, trying to top up etc, Simyo was endless spam texts that got on my nerves so goodness knows who they sell your number to, and overall Leclerc has worked out best for me. If simyo now has the same deal as leclerc but 1 charging euro instead of 1,50 per month, that makes it a max of 6 eur a year cheaper if you literally never use more than 1 euro of call time per month. 

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Posted by rance-781573 - 4 years ago

Theswerve, I have just looked the LeclecMobile site online and it states that the minimum payment is 1€50 per month. So therefore the old system is still in place.Leclerc takeout 1€50 off the prepayment already made and therefore even if you do or do not make calls, you pay €18 a year for the privelege of using a Leclec sim plus top up as required for calls

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Posted by Joe-Huelgoat-383105 - 4 years ago



On looking at the Simyo web site credit seems to expire after either 1 month or 3 months

Free mobile 2€ per month including unlimited french mobile texts and 2 hour talk time to EU land lines and French mobiles.

(2€ refunded if you have free.fr internet and phone line)


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Posted by Theswerve - 4 years ago

Sorry grannydot but you do not pay 18 euros a year just to keep your credit with leclerc sim . The minimum charge per month is 1.50 euros which means that if you do not use your phone at all for 1 year then yes it will have cost you 18e . If you use 1.50e of your credit every month then you are not charged any more so for a year it would cost 18e .

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Posted by countrydweller - 4 years ago

You may actually be better off buying a cheap basic unlocked-débloqué-phone either in a supermarket or on Amazon/Ebay and getting a Lycamobile sim-any credit you put on wll stay on and yo will get a newer phone.There are some very cheap basic phones out there.My litle Samsung was €9,99 and works perfectly for what I need.

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Posted by teatime-972181 - 4 years ago

Hi Synik, the code comes with the sim card. You have to enter the code to activate it and get your credits. It doesn't come up with card invalid but with code invalide, hence my confusion!

Thank you grannydot for the simyo information. I shall look into it if we cannot get our LeClercs sim to work. Our 8yo son is going on a 3 day school trip 1st June and we need to have a mobile tel. in case there are any problems and concerns because he has a disability.

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Posted by moi-383589 - 4 years ago

Top-up code?