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Copper cleaning.

Posted by John Rodney - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Fish24 - 3 years ago

Wherever do members find these incredible solutions in the first place?  I had heard of Ccola which works wonders on cleaning your money (commonly called 'money laundering').

I liked the ketchup and rhubarb best!

I have a lot of copper (casssoroles/candlesticks/kettles/etc.) but got discouraged in the normal cleaning (little blue container of paste Bistro Cuivre very good)  but I have discovered the best inteligent way is to put 2/3 in a cardboard box in the garage out of sight!!!

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Posted by Waismeet - 3 years ago

Stew some rhubarb, spread it all over and then rinse in water.  Your copper will shine like new.


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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago


Scotchpad was the name I was looking for.

Off to bricolage on Monday to get some very fine wire wool.

Thanks again.

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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago


After my last post I went into my garage, found some paint stripper and painted the lid of one of the milk warmers, I have two.

After an hour I used a damp green abrasive pad, forgotten the British name, an age thing.  And, bingo it worked.  I cleaned half of the lid.  After another hour, approx, I tried using pierre d'argent, no succese.  By this time the paint stripper had reverted to hard, as it does.

I will try this method and do it in selected, easy to achieve success areas.

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Posted by John Rodney - 3 years ago


Thank you all for your help and advice.  It must be the best selection of inteligent answeres I have ever seen on AI.

I will go through them one at a time and let you know the results.

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Posted by Davey1200-433468 - 3 years ago

Apart from plenty of elbow grease with some of the above mentioned products, there are not many products on the market.

HOWEVER one that works is   "  VifECLAT " available on the internet at about 12 euros.

With this product you put some in a plastic container, dip your item in it, or just sponge the product on your item, rince it off and then dry it. Job done.

Takes seconds, not hours.

I do not know if it will work on lacquered items. I would not expect it to. But after using paint stripper it should.

It has taken me sixty. years to find this product after hours of cleaning my fathers work, as he was a coppersmith by trade.

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Posted by AQ-417490 - 3 years ago

I like that phrase "full fat" - use it myself when I'm avoiding diet this and diet that. But yes, coke works as well as Cillit Bang in cleaning off tarnish on metal - much better than drinking it (the coke not the Cillit Bang). If it's that good at cleaning off tarnish, it makes you wonder what it does to your stomach.

Assuming there is a kind of lacquer on the copper, I imagine one would still need to remove that first to get back to bare metal.

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Posted by night&day - 3 years ago


   You might try full fat coke, it worked for us.

Ive heard it is also just the ticket for clearing blocked drains !!!!!!!

well anyhting is better than drinking it

good luck

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Posted by Lazy Days-445338 - 3 years ago

Cheap Tomato ketchup works wonders just rub alittle on a cloth live for half hour wam bam thank ya mam .....

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Posted by Mrs Agnes Brown - 3 years ago

To get the clear varnish off - buy a 1l bottle of acetone from the supermarket  and start rubbing.   Make sure the room is very well ventilated - it can be a bit fumey.