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Creation of a gite in Lorient?

Posted by Kenova - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Kenova - 4 years ago

Thanks for all the advice! It's very useful. I know there are a lot of gites in Brittany, but surprisingly (or not) not in Lorient. The city in itself is not the most touristic place... But it's close to a lot of points of interest. I think I'll go and ask the tourism office what they think of the market!

I don't think it would require a lot to make it suitable, my mom would leave the TV, internet... she wants to move in with her boyfriend who would rent his house, so I guess furnitures would be double.

Wait and see, hopefilly that can be a solution. All we want out of it is enough to rent a place for her somewhere else, not a full wage income.

Fingers crossed!

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Posted by woody-383477 - 4 years ago

I also think three bedrooms is OK.  We rented out our house with two double bedrooms and twin beds in the other for many years with no problems.  We are booked for a holiday with our 'grown up' children this year and needed four bedrooms.

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Posted by buster-784461 - 4 years ago

No I think 3 doubles is ok. Although 2 singles in one of the doubles will be better!

I have rented in Normandie for 20 odd years with 3 doubles & 1 single! 

All the  beds are not always used  -  but you do get mum, dad, 2/3 kids & grandparent holidaying together!  Also 2 couples etc. & single people like to have a big bed too!

If you have a house with furniture,  kitchen equip in place why not go for it!

Adv; on a uk site & a french one.

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Posted by Melou - 4 years ago

Your approach is correct, Kenova - you can expect a well-presented property to be looked after, but a cheap and cheerful 'gite' will often not be, especially if it is in the family market. There is a vast amount of competition now in the rental market, and the renters have much higher expectations - they have many more properties to choose from, so the best (in terms of quality/facilities/price) will rent first.

 We have a small portfolio of nine up-market properties in Dordogne, which we have rented for about 12 years now - a different region, obviously, but the principles hold good wherever you are.

My first comment is that 3 double bedrooms is too many - if you want to go for quality renters. Who will book three Bedrooms? - either a family with 4 kids (disaster!); or maybe two families sharing (equal disaster - who will take responsibility for cleaning up when they leave?). My suggestion would be that you a) get rid of the single bed in the Study; and b) close off one of the Bedrooms completely (it is always useful to have a room where you can put away personal belongings that you don't want renters to touch/break).; c) Fit out one of the two remaining Bedrooms with twin beds that can be fixed together to form a Kingsize double - giving you flexibility in sleeping arrangements. You then have two Bedrooms - which will appeal to either one family; 2 couples sharing (without kids); or couples (who will feel they are not having to pay for a load of extra Bedroom space they don't use).

Next - how up-to-date is your mum's house? Renters want wi-fi internet - satellite flat-screen TV - coffee machines - quality linen - comfortable (ie. not old) mattresses etc. Be prepraed to invest a few euros.

As to price - my suggestion is simple. Do you know that the HomeAway rental website site alone lists nearly 12,000 properties in Brittany? That is your competition. You have to stand out from them (or at least alongside them!). About 1,500 of these have pools, which command higher prices. I suggest that you trawl through all the 2 Bedroom properties without pools and note the prices being asked. Star those that seem to offer what your house provides (in terms of location, size, 'kerb appeal', facilities and equipment and overall quality). You can then home in on an average price - not too high, not too low. You will also get an incresed appreciation of the competition, and what you may have to do to make your rental profitable.

Then you have to think about how & where you advertise. Go for the best, not the cheapest. Never go for the €60 a year type website - you will just lose your money.

I won't wish you luck - because luck does not come into it. You have to get it right.