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Data only sim - what's the best deal

Posted by listy - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by listy - 3 years ago

Thx Bart, my lad works for EE in UK & got me one their 4G MiFi box's but even on friends & family tarifff, works out bl**dy expensive when roaming & being EE it's locked, payg on EE eeeekkk, then have the problems of keeping lappy charged, hence going down the 4G tablet with sim route.

3 or GiffGaff does seem to be the way to go in UK - trying to find something for France or compromise between the 2 with a single sim, as may need to use Dover crossings and the long trek down - BF last time were non too happy about the length of the full size c3500 pickup wanted to measure but in the end with a bit joking around girl in booth let me go, can't be doing with their commercial rates if I do get knocked back at any time.

Posted by bartyb - 3 years ago

I use a 3mobile PAYG sim in a MiFi with no issues, the added bonus is that the MiFi (like all 3 supplied hardware) is not locked so if you find a better deal for the sim you can just swap.

The 4g mifi box is loads better at finding a signal than the iPhone4 that I use with a 3sim as a back up mobile.