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Posted by bustid-396267 - Created: 3 years ago
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Posted by Anonymous - 3 years ago

The diagnostique is largely a farce.  I have stood by an inspector while he did the survey on my place.  He clearly made assumptions to do with areas he could not see, or couldn't be bothered to look at.  The whole joke cost me nearly €400 which I added to my price.  If a buyer wants to beat me down on the price to repair or upgrade something on the diagnostique I simply say it has already been taken into account when setting the price.  Take it or leave it.

There will be fine print, just like any survey done in UK, that covers the surveyor for any mistakes or omissions that may come to light.  You pay your money with no guarantees whatsoever.

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Posted by Dibbyspot - 3 years ago

This system ensures the buyer is protected. As everyone has to pay it is is merely the price of selling the property.

The key issues are that it identifies work that may need to be done - that is now non conformant to legislation as well as hazards eg: Asbestos or lead pipes or lead paint.  This may be specific to France but it is also rife in the UK where the rules on gas and electrical installations are now a moving feast with installations moving from compliant to non compliant year on year.

To be blunt as to buyers using this to knock the price down - yes they will as you would perhaps. France is still for the most part a buyers market. 

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Posted by Bangersnmash - 3 years ago

When we bought our house we had the report there was lead in one of the large pipes in the garage .

one year and 2 months later we sold and we had the same diagnostic company out to do our report to find there was lead in ONE tile on the roof ..

I asked why that was never mentioned on the report their company did just over a year previous and got the famous French shrug !

Amazingly the same pipe in the garage that was still there I might add did not show anything at all !

I showed him the report from one year previous and again we had a secondary shrug and "it must of moved to the roof tile now" !

Work that out and €500 for the priviledge !

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Posted by geegee42 - 3 years ago

You only need the energy ratings done to put the property up for sale, the rest can be done once you have sold.

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 years ago

A good diagnostic report will allow the seller to justify a higher price. Great news for the buyer as well, they know what they're getting. Winners all round.

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Posted by Capes crusaders - 3 years ago

Surely prospective buyers can only use this as leverage if the systems don't comply ... And if they don't why would you pay top dollar? 

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Posted by oldminiman-10052272 - 3 years ago

I agree.  When I sold my house in France the diagnostics showed asbestos in man made slates on one  barn  roof.  It also showed an inefficient fosse.  It was used as leverage to get an additional 10000 euro's off for a new fosse system on top of what we had already agreed! which was considerable.  At that time in 2011 the grants for upgrading fosse septics to reduce "black water" from entering the ditches had been exhausted and  we felt that sellers were being burdened with the upgrade costs when they sold.  True or not it left a bad taste.  Now we are planning a move back and will be fore warned to ensure we do the same.

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Posted by bustid-396267 - 3 years ago

I think your final sentence says it all. It helps the buyer knock your price down

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Posted by all4one-10057182 - 3 years ago

Asbestos can be in roofing, insulation, walls etc.wiring could hide a multitude of problems inluding poor connectio, not suitable for power load, bad earthing. The diagnotics also show the overall energy efficiency of the property. They only show the state as is and can therfore be usedas a negotiation aid by a buyer should remedial work be necessary.